Since the start of this unconstitutional lockdown, Nancy Pelosi and his band of anti-American socialists have done all they could to keep the small businesses in our country under lock and key. In her San Francisco neighborhood with her beloved ice cream and still receiving all her pay from the taxpayers, she ignores the day to day anxiety and pain that the middle class is feeling.

On February 28th, at a highly attended rally is South Carolina President Trump said that the Democrat progressive socialists misinformation campaign would inundate the American Public with criticism of the President's response to the Chinese virus. He called this criticism a Hoax. Of course, the progressive socialists in Congress and the media quickly started the lie that President Trump called the epidemic a hoax, which he did not. Pelosi and her group of progressive socialists use this talking point as a distraction. The senile alcoholic Pelosi pontificates about President Trump refusing to accept the facts. This is the same Pelosi that was in Chinatown on February 24th, stating in her faux regal manner that everything was excellent, and invited everyone to come to Chinatown and celebrate.

At the same time, she also proclaimed that the Defense Production Act was not used quickly enough to protect workers. Never does she mention that the first tests put out by the CDC were contaminated, a setback in the containment. Nor did she say that the numbers that were being used pertaining to the number of the fatalities were over six times higher than what was taking place. They were intentionally high so that those clamoring for national lockdown would have the impetus to push forward with shutting down our economy. They knew if the economy faced a crash because of the overstated fatalities forcing a lockdown as we are going through now would be used by the progressive socialists and media to blame Trump. She talks of the misrepresentation and falsehoods of President Trump, setting the party line for the progressive socialists and sycophantic press and, like all the others, gives no specific examples. They think if they continue to push this lie, the American people will soon start to accept it.

The first step in the attempt to stabilize the economy and country was the money to assist small businesses, which Pelosi tried to hold up to include such things as funding for Planned Parenthood, the Green New debacle, and sanctuary cities. All were swept away in the original bill. She held up the bill, costing our country even more jobs. It has been made quite clear from the beginning that the progressive socialist leftists wanted to use the pandemic to force through the agenda through that no one in the country wants. But as stated in the words of Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, this is an opportunity to restructure the government in their view.

Of course, Botox Nancy has been blaming the conservatives who stalled the spending bill, A total lie. I am waiting for her to blame Republicans for not voting on the bill, while all the time she was in her feces and needles devastated city with her precious ice cream. A week ago, she was praising the Senate Democrats for refusing to pass the very same bill. What McConnell was trying to pass was a clean bill just adding money to the PPP. Two days before the PPP ran out of cash, Pelosi made the disturbingly ignorant remark that there was “no data” to support the idea that the PPP needed more cash to save the millions of jobs that small business contains. Pelosi knew the fund would run out of money, but she, along with the other progressive socialists, didn't care. After all, it was only the American people that the elites look down on that were desperate. And the leftists felt they had the leverage needed to push through reforms that they could not get passed in Congress.  Pelosi spent her time at home eating ice cream in her mansion while the American families and economy were becoming fractures in the fabric of our nation. You hear how much the lying liberals care about the little people they consider non-essential. But they should be ashamed of collecting the paychecks that the taxpayers give them while obstructing at every possible moment when something can be done to bring our country back.

 She also introduced the farce of election law reform and has continued to push that plan forward. I suppose they think if they whine and stamp their feet that the American people will give in to mail-in ballots. Included in this plan was "ballot Harvesting", which has already been used to fraudulently change the outcome of votes in California. The links at the bottom of this page will show how destructive ballot harvesting was in California in 2018. It will show that the ballots that were brought in to the state after the election were not verified or vetted and let to the flipping of seven seats in conservative Orange county. They will attempt to use ballot harvesting and mail-in votes to solidify control by the use of voter fraud. Pelosi feels she is virtuous talking of the integrity of the right to vote but can't explain allowing everyone, including illegal aliens being able to vote by mail, is inclusive much less constitutional. One citizen, one vote that can be verified, is the only constitutional way to secure the vote. But if the progressive socialist Democrats allow that, there is no possible path to victory for the agenda that need to force upon the American people. This is why the leftists are pushing so hard in their attempt to obstruct at the least and crush at the most, the economy that the American people worked so hard to build over the past three years.

Pelosi is already pushing for a fourth bill, ignoring that the national debt has skyrocketed to further plan to push through a socialist wish list. Vote by mail is bad enough, but she also wants to include minimum wage hikes, more unions, housing guarantees, stimulus checks of illegal aliens, the large release of criminals, taxpayer money for abortions, even a national surveillance program, supposedly to stop the spread of the virus. The Soros funded Center for American Progress is working in concert with the progressive socialists to achieve these progressive policies. Other policies, such as guaranteed housing, have never been voted upon by the American people.

San Fran Nan still has not recovered from the fact that President Trump is our President. The progressive socialists have not been embarrassed enough by the Russian collusion hoax or the Ukraine debacle. They now want a coronavirus investigative committee to use as nothing more than an attack on the administration. The progressive socialists will once again run a group whose sole purpose it to damage the President in any way possible with the assistance of leaks to the media. It will be used as a political cudgel to further lie about the President with the help of a bobblehead talking head media who are willing to lie in the path of further trying to damage the President.

The talking heads of the DNC have even gone so far as to call President Trump racist for calling it the “Chinese Virus”. They declare that his words are dangerous, and say he equated Chinatowns here in the United States with China.

Hey Nancy, the prayerfulness you claim as your own is a lie, the prayerfulness you should observe are those of us who sit at our kitchen tables and try to make ends meet because of your obstruction and delays. Your prayerfulness in nothing more than spite and lies. You are not willing to keep Congress in session even though you relieve a substantial payment from the taxpayers, the people you should be working for. Getting money to the small business and the workers that work there should be fundamental to a prayerful Christian such as you claim to be. But then you are fully for abortion, and consider any baby even after birth expendable. Please stop saying how much of a "prayerful" Catholic you are; it is not only an offense to those of us who follow the teaching of Christ, but is hypocritical as well. No one believes you anymore. All they see now is your lust for power…

And ice cream.


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