Now that Democrats are the party of dumb, it is time for Republic

Now that Democrats are the party of dumb, it is time for Republicans to identify as the party of smart

By Kenneth Mak

A few weeks back when the Trump administration announced restrictions on skilled foreign works visas, the move was attacked by Google, Amazon, and Facebook as injurious to the success and recovery of the US economy. The New York Times reported "business leaders" as saying that Americans are not willing to do or not capable of performing these jobs


Much as American liberals apparently are not capable of hosting political satire in their own country, so they imported John Oliver and Trevor Noah (nothing more cringe than a Brit trying to educate Americans on America), there is a reverence for Americans' pocketbooks, but a contempt for actual Americans. 


If Silicon Valley truly thinks Americans are too dumb for tech global competitiveness, why not invest in making Americans less dumb? But then it clicked. Silicon Valley doesn’t want educated Americans any more than the Democratic Party does. Keeping Americans dumb is in their mutual interest: it is easier to control what dumb people think and how they spend.

Now, then, is plum time for the Republican party to rebrand as the party of intellect, common sense, and courage (look no further than Kayleigh McEnany for a supreme role model).

There are many young, sophisticated Americans who roundly reject the Democrat manifesto of outrage and victimhood. (But if even Republicans pander to woke ignoramuses, well, then we should all join the mob for self-preservation.)

In a rational world, the weak and embarrassing Joe Biden wouldn’t stand a chance against Trump. Biden is as inspirational as a Styrofoam cup, and his basement confinement is a kind of mental diaper for his verbal diarrhea and septuagenarian dotage.

His potential VP picks are equally unimpressive.  Take Tammy Duckworth: while running for Congress, she boasted how her ancestors have been shedding blood for this country since 1776. Yet in an interview this weekend on CNN she made it clear that George Washington’s legacy will not stand in the way of her career. Just another sycophant to the mob.

However, this is not a normal year. It is a plague year. Americans are exhausted and confused. Up is down, left is right, right is wrong, and just is unjust. It is crucial that Trump renew weary Americans’ faith in himself and his party, and articulate the absurdity of the opposition in this country.  

If Biden and his Sunshine Patriots take over the White House, there could be a resolution to change the Gregorian calendar in the spirit of international diversity and inclusion. July and August, after all, are named after Roman, not Chinese emperors. To accommodate China’s feelings, the Democrats might propose calling months by numbers instead: month one… month seven.

Facetious, maybe, but not inconceivable, given that both Duckworth and Elizabeth Warren, another shortlisted VP candidate, penned an open letter scolding Trump for calling China out over the Wuhan coronavirus, and Hunter Biden’s business entanglements with the Chinese government (who knows what kind of footage the Chinese government has of Hunter partying in China?).

Remind America of Democrats’ bankruptcy in values and principles.

Biden, for instance, had no problem with Robert E. Lee, a brilliant general, when he was gung-ho for the very un-woke invasion of Iraq. Southern rednecks are valuable cannon fodder and military commanders for Democrats when war is in vogue; fine for dying, but not for respect.

Biden and the Democrats covered for China’s culpability in the spreading the coronavirus throughout the US.

And perhaps the biggest fraud was the exaltation of a shadow organization called “healthcare professionals” (more like health-con artists) to an infallible, god-like status.

A party so blatantly unprincipled and corrupt will eventually rot from the inside, but rot spreads slowly and November is just around the corner.

Republicans must then be a party of kindness, values and consistency, in juxtaposition to Democrats’ lack thereof.

It would be wise for Republican leaders to take courage by remembering our founding fathers.

Thomas Jefferson and George Washington were embarking on an enterprise not yet known to human civilization: declaring rule by monarchy as null and void. Mainstream thinking at the time reinforced the necessity of monarchy and aristocracy as heavenly ordained, morally just, and necessary for order. 

They should remember that these men had infinitely more at stake: failure meant torture and hanging. Yet they still moved forward because they had faith in their cause as necessary and just. The mob can’t hang our politicians yet: but that could change if our leaders keep ceding them power.

Democrats are banking on Americans ditching Trump out of Trump-fatigue.

So, to reinvigorate moderate Americans suffering from Trump-fatigue, the first step to recovery and restored confidence is to just wear a friggin’ mask.

The mask controversy distracts from the urgent mission: preserving this country’s proud history and values. Using logic: you would wear a condom even if it diminishes the chance of an STD by a mere 10%, you would still wear one. The same logic applies to masks.

Further, why give Democrats easy ammunition? The spirit underlying not wearing masks is freedom. Enemies foreign and domestic wish to snuff out free speech. Let’s not equate wearing a mask, which is basic consideration to others, with repression of freedom. There is more at stake.

A next step is to focus our energies on fighting the good fight: remembering the deeds and preserving the symbols of the men and women in American history who made positive and everlasting contributions to the fabric of this country.

Jefferson and Washington may have been flawed: but they were wealthy elite living in the lap of luxury who still risked everything. Would Bezos or Zuckerberg even risk revenue to help resist China, the greatest threat to universal rights and freedoms?

Graphic credit: Phillippan

Kenneth Mak is a New York lawyer who believes that the values on which America was built far outweigh her shortcomings, but they are under attack; and that a strong America is the best chance the world's got.

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