May 21, 2010

Obama and the New Normal

By Robin of Berkeley

The human brain is a complicated organ. It can be infinitely pliable but also maddeningly rigid.
Humans can be slow to recognize signs of imminent disaster. While red flags are flapping wildly in the wind, the person ignores any and all warnings.

But the brain can be highly suggestible, too, easily controlled and shaped by advertisers and spin doctors. Thus, after countless ads, a person associates soda with Coke, search engines with Google. And after having "Yes we can," burned into their neural pathways, all hope and change is connected to Obama.

That's why it's crucial to notice all the "firsts." Because once something is repeated often enough, it becomes the New Normal.

Decades ago, the first rap song that celebrated beating "ho's" and shooting cops was shocking. But after the umpteenth song, the lyrics may no longer startle.

When Hustler started showing it all, the gasps were practically audible. Now you can look at perverted stuff online that makes Hustler pale in comparison.

Movies and TV shows used to merely hint at violence. Now films and video games offer a steady diet of graphic mayhem.

At one time, horrendous crimes, like murdering police or carjackings, were unheard of. Now they are commonplace: again, the New Normal.

The degradation of the culture through making the abnormal normal is no coincidence. Members of the Frankfurt School plotted the degeneration almost a hundred years ago. According to one group member, "We'll make the West so corrupt that it stinks."

Their scheming has paid off, creating a cesspool of decadence. The new Pledge of Allegiance is not to the flag, but to the self: If it feels good, do it.

But while things have been going downhill for decades, ever since Obama arrived on the scene, the assaults have come fast and furiously. First it was the trashing of Hillary. When her abuse was pooh-poohed by those who could have done something about it, like Obama himself, that just emboldened the radicals. Their getting away with (soul) murder led to even more sexually threatening behavior toward Sarah Palin.

Palin's church torched with children inside? Porn movies about her, threats toward her family? No big deal: It's the Brutal New World Order.

Another example: It used to be off-limits for the president and Congress to target private citizens. Not any longer. It's now open season on anyone who dares to disagree.

The New Black Panthers wielding billy clubs? Maniacs biting off fingers? The deafening silence from the Powers that Be rings in the New Normal.

And what about the omnipresent gender-bending and "alternative lifestyles"? Every possible sexual proclivity is now front and center. A couple of transgendered men/women have been appointed by Obama to top government spots. The transgendered and the polyamorous? Just another lifestyle choice -- the New Normal.

A conservative friend of mine was shocked at the form her l7-year-old was required to complete before starting college this fall. When it came to gender, there were three options: Male, Female, and Transgendered.

Teenagers given a heads-up that they can get their sexual organs altered? Shocking. But in the near future, after they've answered the question for the tenth time, it will become old news.

And this is why the Tea Parties are so important, as well as people everywhere speaking out. Because if we don't, then the abnormal becomes as wholesome as Mom's apple pie.

While we naysayers will be labeled fascists and -- worst of all -- conservatives, our only hope in reining in the moral decay is shouting back, "No!"

No, sexually degrading conservatives like Sarah Palin is not normal. No, targeting private citizens is not normal. And no, sexualizing and "queering" children is not normal -- but absolutely unacceptable.

Clearly, with their lewd and crude and vicious manner, leftists demonstrate that they don't know the difference between right and wrong. Or worse yet, maybe they know, but the distinction doesn't matter to them.

And that's why they have no qualms about ushering in the New Abnormal.

A frequent AT contributor, Robin is a recovering liberal and a psychotherapist in Berkeley.

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