Joe Biden has been trying desperately to get the media to let him off the hook  so that he could go on w/ his campaign.  This isn't about Anita Hill at all.  Hill was as much a liar as Blasy Ford's acussations against Kavanaugh. Even the FBI found that the timeline when Justice Thomas allegedly attacked Anita Hill couldn't match up at all. That the account occurred BEFORE Hill and Thomas ever even met.  If an apology is called for it's for Justice Clarence Thomas.

But it isn't about Biden apologizing to Anita Hill at all. It's about the left's pure hatred of Justice Thomas. It's about humiliating and re-indicting him again. They've never gotten over Thomas's appointment - let alone Reagan's very Presidency.

But, by forcing Biden to apologize for having blown it w/ Thomas, they're intention is to rewrite history and theFACT that Anita Hill LIED.  Period.  It is, after all, what they do best. The media/democrat machine are like cockroaches and, the truth and facts are like the light. The moment the light's turned on - the roaches run and hide.

Here's what the blue machine is going to hide about the Joe Biden and his children. REAL dirt!:From drugs to the Ukraine connection.. Now, supposably the children are off limits, right?  Is Donald Trump's kids "off limits"?  Nope. The dems in the HoR are hard at work trying to get subpoenas on everything and anythung on President Trump AND his family. The wild-witch hunt must continue. They MUST keep the nation in the dark; away from the truth.  If only the GOPers on the Hill would work as hard to seek and reveal THE TRUTH!


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