The progressive socialists led by the senile Nancy Pelosi have done their best to meet their agenda to take down President Trump. Pelosi has led a sham impeachment trial with the lying Adam Schiff which was a lasting legacy of the animus that these socialists hold for both President Trump and the country.

After that failure and along with the Russian collusion hoax, it is surprising that anything done by the House of Representatives is taken seriously. The question then becomes what have the progressive socialists done to the people of this country.

The Wuhan virus is just the latest false narrative that Pelosi, Schumer, and the rest of the anti-America cabal is using to attempt to take down the duly elected President. The others, such as Maxine Waters, are irrelevant other than following the elites like lemmings. Waters continues to call President Trump and liar without any evidence and calls for impeachment like a windup doll for any conceivable reason. It would be possible to carry more weight if she lived in the district she represents, but why would she want to mingle with those beneath her status. Like most leftists, Waters feels that the citizens of this country are just an inconvenience she must tolerate and lie to every four years to get elected.

 The progressive socialist wing of the Democrat party are willing to destroy the economy, that is what they are hoping for. The media is complicit. It was almost a year ago when Bill Maher called for a recession and now is practically giddy about it. They all are praying that this lasts as long as possible. They show no concern for the American people who can't pay their bills, who have lost their jobs and may lose their homes. To them, it is fine as long as it removes President Trump from office.

But amongst them all, Pelosi is the leader of a cabal that works to destroy the liberties and rights that the American people have fought to maintain.  Her own district, being a disaster most like a third world country, feces and needles abound everywhere, further compounding the dangers of the present pandemic. The hospitals in San Francisco not only have to deal with COVID-19, but with diseases such as measles, TB, and cholera. The entire city has been turned into a crime scene, full of drugs, crime, and homelessness. It is Pelosi and her party that has created the third world atmosphere in her city. Pelosi has the gall to say President Trump is fiddling while people are dying. Where has she been over the past five years when her city has devolved into Calcutta slums?

The Democrat Party under Pelosi has become a disaster. Pelosi and her party have attempted to go full socialist. The party has booed God, have attempted to push an agenda of closing down the 1st Amendment, the 2nd Amendment, the liberty of freedom of religion, and other parts of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, while declaring things like abortion and same-sex marriage as "rights." In the 2.2 trillion legislation that was just passed, they slid through a vast amount of money for illegals and attempted to legitimize citizenship for DACA recipients.

The leftists, who continuously preach about tolerance, have no understanding of those with opposing views. If you are pro-life or pro-capitalism, you are eligible for the violence that they bring forth. Together with the media, they will accuse you of hate speech and starting the violence they are so willing to use to silence you.

There are questions attached to the Wuhan virus. Pelosi has attempted to blame President Trump for it but never explains why, after the task force was set up, and with the ban on Chinese flights coming to the United States, why did San Fran Nan tell people to visit Chinatown in her city-slum in the middle of February. The ban was in place for two weeks by that time, and the first patient in the United States had started to spread.  The first patient was identified on the same day that the House voted to send the sham impeachment to the Senate.

The talking points being spewed forth by the progressive socialists and the media about the Wuhan virus are the same talking points made by China. The leftists are more than happy to further the Chinese talking points, which most of us know are lies to further damage the President. Continuing what they started three years ago, they are trying to find a way to blame President Trump. Again, they don’t mention that Pelosi invited everyone to Chinatown on February 24th, or that in New York Mayor DeBlasio, another socialist waste told New Yorkers to go about their daily lives and not be concerned about COVID-19, along with the city council. So how they explain what they said when HHS had declared a public emergency on January 31st?

 At the time, these three, along with many other leftists were spouting this drivel and now are attempting to draw back and hope the American people will forget. If they want to investigate how President Trump handled the situation, let’s also look at how the progressive socialists and their sham impeachment were saying the same things.

You hear the harpies always scream that President Trump should have done more at the beginning.  When was the beginning exactly? No one seems to know. The World Health Organization, under CCP control, did not admit that it could be passed from person to person until January 30th, the same day as President Trumps installed a ban on Chinese travel and stood up the task force that is working so hard today. What was Pelosi doing? Oh, that’s right. She was primping, along with Adam Schiff, through the sham impeachment.

Pelosi made a big show of tearing up the State of the Union speech that President Trump presented to show how much disdain she has for our President.  Perhaps she should have read it first because President Trump discussed the upcoming pandemic in it. But she was too filled with hate for our President and hatred for our country that she felt she had to make a statement to embarrass the President. All she accomplished was to show the American people who sadly her party is now. COVID-19 was not mentioned by Botox Nan until February 22nd. The reason she mentioned it then was because it was the day appointed VP Pence to oversee the coronavirus task force. Pelosi could not that story be the primary news of the day and used her time as nothing more than another attack, and perhaps another impeachment written up quicker than San Fran Nans bar and botox bills. If the progressive socialists want to bring impeachment charges against President Trump because of his reaction to the coronavirus, bring it on. All the lies will come out, and we can once again see that the leftists will do anything to destroy this President and our economy.

It is the progressive socialists in the leadership of the Democrat party that have shown a vile, unstable hatred of this President and this nation. It is people like Nancy Pelosi, who, when sober, who claims the President is too incompetent to help the country through this pandemic. All I hear from the left is abject hatred . Where are your ideas? Where is something that you can come with to assist in our country getting back to normal? I have not heard one suggestion to make things better. The American people understand that there is nothing you can offer to make the country better because you want to destroy the government and economy to move us into the socialism you so admire. Medicare for all is nothing more than the failed system being used in Italy, where they are now rationing healthcare and let older people die. You despise the President because he won't shut up, as recommended by many of the liberal idiots in media and politics. You hate Trump because he has connected with the average everyday worker in the country more than any other President. Your hatred of President Trump is a hatred of the American people. Politicians like Botox Nancy want nothing more than to further her monetary value at the expense of the American people. 

If there is another economic rescue bill, the Republicans have to back our President and not allow any liberal pet projects. Pelosi and her minions must not be permitted to use the coronavirus emergency further to push more socialism. The American people are tired of being lied to and being considered second class citizens to an elite that ignores them.

Pelosi and her ilk have got to go.

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Comment by Patricia Gillenwater on April 5, 2020 at 4:28pm

Yes Pelosi and her ilk must go. Can't count on their districts to pink slip them. Upto R's across America to marginalize them in Congress e.g. take the U.S. House gavel out of Pelosi's cold bony hands.


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