The Importance of the Electoral College.

When we talk about the future of our country we must take time to look at our past.

I am currently rereading the Federalist Papers, they had a great command of the language and have many entertaining comments, that we would call “casting shade”. Many of the arguments they put forth for a Union, rather than a Confederacy or independent states, show true in today's political environment. Greed, lust for power, establishments of powerful political families, all are problems in smaller political states. The City-States of Italy and Greece, Small countries of Europe and the Middle East, all exhibited the problems and limited benefits of independent nations joined in a confederacy, and the propensity for dictators to take and hold power.

Let us look at a few of our States today in the power of their influence.

Illinois and Cook County (or Chicago as it really is): Cook County is the most populous county in the State, over 50% of the states population is in the one city. As a result the rest of the state is held hostage to the demands of one small geographic area, with distinct problems from the rest of the state. While many of the residents in the rural areas of Illinois want to own guns for protection, the political dictators of Chicago can impose their desires on the rest of the state. Why? Because with the large population in the city they elect over 50% of State representatives and Senators, so the city has control of the state legislators. For problems of the city they can now tax the rest of the state to pay for the failed policies of the city planers.

Taxation without FAIR representation.

California, a large state with a heavy costal population and large rural areas in-state, large cities with a large welfare population, heavy regulation and taxation to provide hand-outs to the poor population. Over the years many have desired to split the state along various differing thoughts. North/South with the divider at North of the Rose Bowl or South of San Francisco; East /West along the back side of the Costal cities, or the mountains; into as many of states as 5 based on economy, industrial/agriculture; or even political thought, liberal/conservative.

And of course New York. When people think of New York they think of the city, few people realize what upstate New York is really like, but again the highly populated city overshadows the rest of the state. The city controls the rest of the state.

This brings us to the the real purpose of the electoral Collage.

To protect the RIGHTS of the smaller States!

States like Georgia and the Carolinas had large plantations with a small population, States like Maine and New Hampshire had small territories with small populations. They had concerns that large states like New York and Maryland with a large population would have no concern for the needs of the rest. That the desires of the large states would be gratified at the expense of the smaller states needs. There was also a concern that good men from small states would not be able to get elected to the office of President because they would be less known than men from the more populous states.

Our Government was set up as a representative REPUBLIC, not a democracy. The Executive Branch represents the Federal Head of government. The Senate was to Represent the States in the Federal Government. The House of Representatives was to represent the People of their district.
So to work backward, the House was a direct election by the people they would represent.
The Senate was an election by the State Representatives and Senators because they would represent the State. (Changed by the 17th Amendment providing for the direct election of Senators).
The Office of the President was Elected by the Federal Government through Electors representing both the People and the States.

The People Voted for their Electors to represent the State in the Electoral Collage. Electors were never bound to vote for the People's Choice.

The Electoral Collage protects the rights of the many States, from the tyranny of the populous States, and the more often that populous States like New York and California push the popular vote over the Electoral Collage shows their desire to be tyrants and dictators over the rest.

God Bless.

Just my thoughts for today.

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