Over the past few months, there have been words bandied about without any idea of the meaning behind them. The radical definition of "white" for the progressive left has been shown to mean nothing more than being a citizen who still believes in the Judeo-Christian principles that have been a part of our culture since the founding. Those in our country who are under 35 have renounced the past, and spend their time telling us about all the faults that our country has. History did not start with them. The viewpoint is one made up of equal parts of ignorance and narcissism. Our education system does not teach them our real history. Now the New York Times is attempting to erase any memory of the men and women who made the sacrifices to build this country. Our country did not start with the appearance of 12 slaves in 1619.

The media, academia at all levels, and the politicians that are the most vocal in our country on the progressive socialist side want nothing more than to destroy capitalism, limited government and the culture and values that have helped this country to prosper. I have asked many a socialist to show the citizens of this country where socialism has done as much for their people. I have yet to receive a response.

The progressive socialists carry the narrative of so-called racism to areas that considered before. The wail of "RACISM!" is supposed to stop all conversation, and you must agree with them. This gambit is interesting coming for the party that claims they are "tolerant." The Truth is, they are tolerant, but only if you agree with the. If you don’t agree and after calling you racist they will dox you, protest your employer, and harass your neighbors into shunning you.

The call of racist has always been nothing but hypocrisy coming from the leftists. It was the progressive socialists that formed the KKK, formulated the Jim Crow Laws, and run most of the urban areas that are third world countries within our country.  It is eye-opening that the Progressive Socialist Democrat party are the ones screaming about racism, and blaming Donald Trump. They have to attempt to turn around the thinking of Americans in the attempt to make Republicans racist. More and More minorities are starting to understand what personal responsibility can do for the lives they are looking to live. They are leaving the plantation because of straight talk by people like Candace Owens, and the opportunities they are finding under a conservative administration. The fact of the matter is black and brown people can be racist as well, as see in the Soros funded Black Live Matter. The organizing of protests, riots, and chaos will do nothing to further racial harmony, but that is not the agenda for the progressives. The plan is to collapse our system so that the globalists and socialist mold the country into what they want.

Patriotism is archaic to the young in the country.  They are told by their progressive teachers, and politicians that being a patriot is to be a bigot and yes, a racist. These same people try to inform us that capitalism does not work because of the bigoted attitudes of white males. Do not doubt that the straight white male is the target of the leftists. One reason is that they know if pushed far enough, the white males will say "no more." And the straight white males will fight back without hiding our identities. Groups such as Antifa and all the other organizations funded by George Soros and other globalists do not care about the America family, American Jobs, or American culture.

 Every leftist I have spoken with admit that they want change and that change is more important than traditional religious values. If you have any doubt, mention religion at any group of progressive socialists and see what happens. Of course, this only works in a group, if it's one on one, they wouldn't have the courage to say anything. They have been brainwashed that faith and family are of a bygone era. They speak of having independent thought but spout off talking points directly from Alinsky and Marx.

It is a dichotomy that these same millennial and younger citizens in this country proclaim they are the most “woke” generation ever. They do not realize how stupid they sound. Ocasio-Cortez says they are so brave to take to the streets. She does not know the history of the civil rights marches or the turbulent times of the '60s and '70s. She has never been in the bottom of a foxhole praying to live, or in the jungles expecting an ambush. She doesn't understand that there are people in this country, both in the military and out, that have made great sacrifices for our country. I question blacks who believe in the socialist tripe that AOC puts out, and how many remember the murders of three idealistic college students that were buried in a dam in Mississippi. They feel that everything must be given to them because they are the chosen ones. They do not realize that the only ones choosing them are the same socialists that would use them for cannon fodder in the great civil war they are attempting to foment. They are so brave and yet can figure out how to move forward toward the lives of respectability and achievement that they demand. They do not realize that our country is based on individualism and hard work. Nothing will be handed to you, and if you want to whine about it, nobody cares. As has been said before, our country is based on opportunity, not outcome.

An unsettling part of the new generations is the propensity for violence that has become a useful tool of political oppression of those who do not agree with your viewpoints. In Portland and other progressive socialist cities throughout America, law enforcement has been told by the local officials not to get involved. If any of the animals that are causing the violence are arrested, they are summarily released by leftist judges. One of two scenarios is available. One is a civil war, the other is a meeting of the minds that can tamp down this violence. When even San Fran Nancy Pelosi calls for punching those who do not agree, it is difficult to see how there are any other alternatives.

Identity politics and name-calling is not the answer. The divisiveness allows no room for openly discussing the issues that separate our country. It is based on the belief that if you are not the same color or gender or sexual orientation that you can never understand. Political correctness is a socialist tool being used to keep us as citizens apart because of whatever phobia or –ism they can declare. There is not a battle that can be won because there really is no battle. The crises that we are continually barraged with are manufactured to allow those who continually whine, feel like they are accomplished heroes. Nothing that these young children have done is any real accomplishment, and there is no real challenge.

 They ridicule those who have real challenges in the past, even going as far as to defacing the gravestones of veterans who have sacrificed for our country. They have no respect for those in the past because they do not have respect in themselves. They are just a cog in the wheel of progressive socialism. There is no moral relevance that they can point to in the lives that they expect to be living, or the concept that others will pay for the life you feel you deserve. They live in a world of moral nihilism and expect others to cater to them. The first victim of moral relativism is Truth, and there is a majority of people in this country that will not let go of that Truth. The progressive socialists that indoctrinate our children have a head start, but the culture and values of our country will always win out.

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