YesterdayRex Tillerson was sworn in as Secy of State by VP Mike Pence.  NEXT:  Jeff Sessions. It's gonna happen.  :)

The riot-machine continue w/ their insolence and destruction of personal property. Early into his first term, Barackredescribed what he affectionately titled as a "citizens army". Thanks to the radically left (FAKE) media the rioters are "strong" and portrayed as credible...even "peaceful" protestors - practicing their First Amendment rights to "Free Speech". And, thanks to democrat donors, like George Soros, the rioters (or the left's "citizen's army") are very well funded.

And, what is it that the leftist-machine is having a cow over? What is it that they are setting fires;breaking windows; and assaulting people over?  Someone else simply wanted to practice his First Amendment right to Free Speech.

Plus,  Milo Yiannopoulos is gay. Yet, because he isn't a member of the vicious and violent leftist-anarchist army - the FAKE news media will not ever accuse the Berkeley wing of the rioters as "hate-filled homophobes". The HYPOCRISY is totally blatant and brazen. But, there's "no" violence going on in the sanctuary-state of California. Right, Pelosi?  At this point, the dems are going to have to import MORE illegals and so called "refugees". They're gonna need a new batch of members.

The democrat-socialist-sanctuary State of California is now screaming for "SECESSION" from the Union. Yet, they scream louder and set bigger fires - because President Trump threatens to cut their federal funding ($331B). So my question is: WHY THE VIOLENCE?! If California secedes the State would lose ALL the FEDERAL money anyway!

You show me a leftist - and I'll show you the biggest septic pool of liars and hypocrits in the country - hands down!


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Comment by Larry Puckette on February 4, 2017 at 5:17am

Comment by Christine Rae Moylan on February 3, 2017 at 6:23pm

I'm afraid it's the same old Leftist tactic of divide and conquer. Most of the students are the brainless dupes used by organized leaders. Nothing is new, all their protests and rioting is straight out of the 60s and 70s. Just look at some of the "Nasty Women" who have come out in the open to spread their hate. Same thing with the immigration protest. Just go to David Horowitz's site and look up the 'Networks' and we can see how all the organizers are connected.

The difference is, the "Silent Majority" are silent no longer. We finally have a voice and connections to join forces to fight the ugliness coming forth once again by the Socialist Democrats. The ACLU is leading the destruction of our Constitution through the "Social Justice" courts. We have the power but we do not give as much as we can for those fighting for us. It's hard for hard working people when the Left has received billions from the corrupt Obama regime. Yet, every penny counts when it comes from millions of people. There is no rest for the weary and we are in a fight for the rest of our lives.

Comment by Norma J. Sears on February 3, 2017 at 9:25am

A little good news on Berkley RIOT:

Berkeley Protest

UFC Fighter Saves Trump Supporter from Violent Berkeley Thugs

UFC fighter Jake Shields just won a big victory outside of the Octagon.

The powerful mixed-martial artist happened to be on the streets of Berkeley, California on Wednesday night when hundreds of fascist “anti-fascist” liberal criminals decided to riot because conservative Milo Yiannopoulos was speaking nearby. Milo is an advocate for free speech, an editor for Breitbart news, and a controversial figure who is sometimes connected with the alt-right. He also happens to be a homosexual, which seems to drive liberals insane.

His arrival in Berkeley “triggered” hundreds of criminal protesters to wreak havoc on their own town – destroying property, terrifying innocent citizens, and repressing freedom (in the name of freedom). They cursed at, spit upon, and even pepper sprayed some Trump supporters, but when that wasn’t enough… they violently beat on others.

Fortunately, for one Trump supporter… Jake Shields was nearby. When the UFC fighter noticed a large group of violent criminals assaulting a Trump supporter (with bystanders and police simply standing by and watching) he leapt to the rescue and began beating on the attackers. He saved the Trump supporter and hurt the feelings of the violent thugs who hadn’t expected anyone to stand up against them. A bystander got this video just as the action was dying down…

Shields can be heard arguing with the violent mob:

“Dude, you guys have your faces covered, you’re attacking people, you’re being f*cking fascists,” Shields told one of the thugs. “Look at you guys, you’re (expletive) embarrassing.”

Warning: the video contains some foul language.

Notice the violent liberals whining about Shields jumping in to defend the innocent victim, as if it was Shields who had done something wrong and not the mob beating on a defenseless man!

How about a round of cheers for Jake Shields, who i’m betting just earned himself a lot of new fans.

Oh, by the way… here’s an important video from Milo Yiannopoulos responding to being connected to the racist alt-right movement and why racism (white pride, white nationalism) is NOT the answer.

Another warning for NSFW language.

Comment by Norma J. Sears on February 3, 2017 at 8:56am

I'm not a resident of CA as you know, but if I were, I would definitely be looking for opportunities to move to another state.

There's no excuse for the riots that happened on this campus.  NONE.  I understand an order was given for the police to stand down.  If so, are they campus police? Or are that city?  Either way as a taxpayer either in the city, or as one and if federal taxes are paid to this campus, this should be heard from one and all.  No more riots or withdraw funds.

Taxpayers should refusing to fund and condone riots.

Comment by Patricia Gillenwater on February 2, 2017 at 9:38pm

The left-wing is definitely at war with this republic. Their leaders through silence are promoting the mob protests. The left is to me a party of permission, they have permission to wage the war and the conservatives are people who the left has permission to require/demand that conservatives buckle to their will. The left has become a sickness a viral infectious disease just how I feel. It is out of control.BTW I have urged friends and family that live in West Virginia to urge Senator Manchin to switch parties. While I was taken back by the Epipen scandal I do think of the Senator as a moderate voice among those in the Senate. He is up for re-election in the mid-terms.

Comment by KayDeeBeau on February 2, 2017 at 7:22pm

While such "displays" infuriate me...I am encouraged that the more "they" rage..the more the LoFos (low information voters) get a clearer picture about the Dems / Leftists to realize the left only "represents" the extreme wackos

I expect Joe Manchin to switch sides any day now

2018 should mean even more "carnage" against dems

I know I will be doing everything I can do to make that happem

Comment by Larry Puckette on February 2, 2017 at 5:15pm

Comment by Harold E. Belcher on February 2, 2017 at 5:00pm

Cut off the money.  If welfare, disability, unemployment, food stamps, SSI, and so on were all limited and only given with strict guidelines and oversight, you might see a lot more of these trouble makers working in a chicken plant instead of insisting that we allow cheep labor in to do the work.  Then allow the police to follow the law and put the ones being paid by the Dem's like Mr. Soros on a labor chine gang.  Last but not least, POTUS should start strongly calling out any one of congress that tell lies.

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