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Comment by Mangus Colorado on May 6, 2018 at 9:42am

This statute could end the anti Trump far far left movement with just one indictment - say John Kerry and maybe Mueller and company?

Comment by Patricia Gillenwater on May 5, 2018 at 8:32pm

I submit for consideration

  • Never disengage
  • Get involved at the local level
  • Ignore the socialist left except comment when and where you can with thoughtful messages
  • Always vote
  • Hold the local school districts accountable and fight to change indoctrination of kids
  • Work on midterms of candidates that you support

That's a starter list . . .

Comment by Patricia Gillenwater on May 4, 2018 at 4:17pm

No doubt that traditions are under siege. Institutions as well. The Republic is breaking apart.

Why is this happening? NWO. Well that concept is bringing the world to the brink of war. And worse for America destruction of our form of government and values that defined the American.  It is now an all out war against us to "break our back". That is working to a big degree. They  went after our youth and that endeavor seems to be working.

Each day I am choosing to live out the reminder of my years as a "free range chicken" although that concept is now in thinking only I will not let the State put a bit in my mouth and throw a saddle on my back. 

Well I would say that the notion of "traditionalism" is dead. Only fleeting memories to remind us -- pictures and in film.

Know what America's youth now have no concept of the value of traditions. The NWO state has saddled and placed a bit in their mouth. They now are lost chickens with one thing to look to and that is the State. Their future holds little hope.

Comment by Larry Puckette on May 4, 2018 at 11:14am

Am, I forgot to add - concerning DT's tweets

I tend to be with Patricia on this - although natural consequences is concerning. Given the successful dominance of Alinski tactics by the left, and that part of Alinski's rules is it's success is reliant on the 'other side' not stooping to such lows, I tend to accept his tweets as necessary under current conditions.  .... a lot like Breitbart does, not always in agreement but the left's Alinski tactics MUST be effectively countered.

Comment by Larry Puckette on May 4, 2018 at 10:12am

nice - lotsa responses to respond to  ;' /

Mangus - yep, when it's all boiled down to liberty or not political correctness is unacceptable - highlighting the word political (inevitably = laws).

Am - going Galt wasn't what came to mind but in a limited fashion I think it fits well. Another applicable Ayn Rand-ism the guy touched on within what I copy/pasted was  “In any compromise between food and poison, it is only death that can win. In any compromise between good and evil, it is only evil that can profit.”

Luis - I had Washington in mind too when making the point that monarchist is traditional. Along with most of pre-Lockean history. + I'm not inclined to call the RonPAULers the right, thinking somehow maybe it was their twisted chanting of the word 'Constituuuution' that wrongfully attained the 'right' label. Which btw- I don't consider appropriate either, given that the political right mostly has no active belief, and certainly not any faith, in the governmental structural design intended by the constitution. + You might remember waayyy back me telling a story of, during the 90s, noticing that merely the word principles usage in a sentence brought kneejerk laughter in response - in Austin. So I occasionally tested it with groups of strangers and it proved true - there was a cultural fad/agenda to pejorative-ize the word. Which now very much appears to have been successful imo too.

Comment by luis✩USA on May 4, 2018 at 8:31am

"Not sure how taking on the 'wrath of nature's God' name conforms with his being avowed monarchist, but that certainly is traditionalist..."

Larry, a monarchy was the norm. Even the Colonists / new American citizens asked for Gen Washington to become their first king. 

But traditions are/were never one-size-fits-aall. The traditions that our Founders and Framers intended to establish were/are based on Natural Rights which is, imo, at the heart of individualism or Life, Liberty and the [Pursuit] of happiness. This is an original concept. The "American Experiment".  Sadly enough, it was an experiment that was very short lived.

If that isn't bad enough, the American mindset is not one that understands that there are, and has always been, other "traditions". And they are much older as well. Islamism comes to mind. The fatal mistakes that America, and its western "allies", commit is to try to apply "our" mindsets and rationale on theocracies. Too many throughout our history have tried to change, or transform,  Sharia theocracies into a free republic. BUT, our laws and traditions were inspired by judeo-christian values. And much, if not most, of the world population have developed a deep hatred towards our original values - because they are shared by Judaism; and they conflict w/ the global governance agenda. And, yes, I'm sorry to say that I believe we are losing that fight. Today's schools are not anything I remember tending. 

"Ironically the globalist progressives he states as bringing on the next fall are by also monarchists, exhibited in the global and especially U.S. progressives' worship of Obie while in office."

The way I see it the only monarchies left are also the oldest still in existence in the MidEast. And these also include the clerics - and NONE OF THEM gives a rat's ass about any westerners call for the "global community". Neither does China, Russia or NKorea for that matter. But it's crystal clear to me that the globalist (or progressive) agenda is the destruction of the US Constitution, the nation of Israel and judeo christian values. America is pretty much in the way.

And what is it that our 21st century  culture gets involved in?  The social media and the search for that "savior" or "hero". For 8yrs it was BHO for the left. And within that time period the "right" had idolized Ron Paul, the GOP party (moderate/ progressives) and then DT.  

The Ds are going full throttle w/ the socialist campaigns. (I saw it coming since 2012)  When DT is out of office...whichever way that may be...where does "traditional" America go from there?  I heard that there's a "gop" candidate in CA running for Diane Feinstein's seat. He describes himself as a "counter-semite".  How very European.  Un-FRIGGIN-believeable!   

I wonder how many on the "right" are still  of the To-hell-with-principles mindset?

Comment by Mangus Colorado on May 4, 2018 at 6:58am

I agree with Larry, the left uses political correctness as a club to beat up and silence their enemies ( those that support liberty). Just look at the Trump attack using all possible PC blow ups like the Stormey issue. What did they say when it was one of them - oh well sexual matters do not affect how Bill Clinton performed in office. The same with the Kennedys. Clearly as Larry put it society must stop the smut machine from producing the Russian dossier type fabricated political warfare and stop watching the media that pushes the false narratives.  

Comment by Larry Puckette on May 4, 2018 at 6:36am

interesting read Am. I readily agree with parts, somewhat with others, and not so much with other parts. Which is probably common.

Not sure how taking on the 'wrath of nature's God' name conforms with his being avowed monarchist, but that certainly is traditionalist. Ironically the globalist progressives he states as bringing on the next fall are by also monarchists, exhibited in the global and especially U.S. progressives' worship of Obie while in office.

He hit the nail on the head with some things too imo, like;

You’ve said you hate politics. I hate politics, as well. But how do traditionalists engage with politics when it is the growth of government that intrudes into every part of life and seeks to eliminate our ability to live traditionally?

Nothing good will come from engaging with politics. There is no way you can play their game and not suffer for it. What traditionalists should do however is to refuse to play the Left’s game (and all of politics is leftist by definition) of political correctness. The Left is constantly trying to get us to denounce, or to deny, little by little to chip away at our pride and moral stand by forcing us to make (consciously or unconsciously) “unqualified reservations”, in feeble attempts to stave off criticism. This has to stop. Traditionalists can also point out to politicians when they are doing the right thing however, and by being generally upright in our chosen communities. In this way Traditionalists make good Doctors, Teachers, NCOs, Priests, in all places where there is authority without politics.


Comment by Patricia Gillenwater on February 22, 2018 at 1:11am

My a lot to absorb here.

Listening to different folks today speak of Billy Graham one thing stood out and that is the word 'hope'. Hope is fading within our society. 

Comment by Patricia Gillenwater on February 16, 2018 at 9:47pm

Am912, Thanks for sharing all.

"The modern moral code is supported by violence, coercion and fear. We need something better."

The answers are right in front of people and there are lots of answers to glomp on to. Don't wait for present day central gov't to give you the answers. Seek your own answer.

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