The Progressive Socialist State of California Part 3

In parts one and two (links following) I described how the state of California has suffered under the tyrannical rule of one-party rule. Progressive socialists have commandeered the state government, and ruled by fiat from a Marxist Governor and legislature.

I want to discuss now the nuts and bolts of the sedition being perpetrated by the progressive socialists and a few of the people who are responsible for the total collapse of a once golden state ad the people who inhabit it.

On January 25, 2017, the Executive Order EO13768 signed by President Trump made it official government policy that:

Sanctuary jurisdictions across the United States willfully violate Federal Law in an attempt to shield illegal aliens from removal from the United States. Section 9(a) of this executive order is specified in the non-allocation of federal monies that are to be withheld from jurisdictions that are non-compliant.

Our Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown ran to the nearest self-serving news media and stated that this administration has declared a war on California. Our socialist governor tweeted:

“At a time of unprecedented political turmoil, Jeff Sessions has come to California to further divided and polarize America. These political stunts may be the norm in Washington, but they don’t work here.”

Jerry, it is you who don’t work. A USA/KPIX poll conducted after Marxist San Francisco Mayor Libby Schaff issued her warning shows that 61% of San Francisco residents (65% of whites, 61% of blacks %(5 of Hispanics and 53% of Asians believe legal authorities should assist federal law enforcement in detaining illegal alien criminals.

Who are these people who have worked so feverishly to destroy this once proud state?  They comprise the leaders of the progressive socialist movements.

Senate leader Kevin de Leon was the author of the sanctuary laws that the state has used to shield criminal illegal aliens and consider them a privileged, protective class above the citizens of the state.

Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, another progressive socialist, declared along with other fellows Democrats that there is no sensible place for barriers between California and Mexico. It appears that Rendon would instead California become part of Mexico, a La Raza and MEChA platform. Claiming a “historical link” between Sacramento and Mexico City as the basis for destroying the state contrary to what a plurality of the citizens expect and deserve. Both Rendon and de Leon claim they are “Proud Californians,” not “Proud Americans.” They have already in their minds ceded the American citizenship of the population in California to Mexico.

Xavier Becerra, our dysfunctional State Attorney General, is case in point of the racist progressive socialism that has taken over the government of a once glorious state. While going to Stanford Law School Bercerra was a member of MEChA, a radical Chicano organization that believes the entire southwest of our country was stolen from Mexico and should rightfully be given back. Ceded LEGALLY to the United States in 1848 by the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe de Hidalgo. Endorsed by the Democratic Socialists of America in his election to Congress in 1996.

In 2002 Becerra supported the Chicano Coalition for Peace and Social Justice, a group long infiltrated by the Communist Party USA. Nothing in his past shows a great deal of patriotism for the United States nor a foundation for the oath of office that he took when Jerry Brown appointed him Attorney General of California. Speaking at a conference hosted by Campaign for America’s future it is not possible that Becerra did not know the ideology of the group. Based on principles first put forth by Saul Alinksy, Cloward, and Piven, and others the agenda of the CAF is the “delegitimization and dismantle on conservative ideals, values and agenda through higher taxes, a destabilized economy, health care, education and the prevalence of social welfare programs.

Bercerra is not the only progressive socialist who is working toward the collapse of California and the entire Southwest using Alinsky style tactics. The Socialist Party of America announced in 2009 the 70 Congressional members currently in their caucus.

In California alone there are many including Lynn Woolsey (CA-06), Diane Watson (CA-33),Xavier Becerra (CA-31), Sam Farr (CA-17), Bob Filner (CA-51), Michael Honda (CA-15), Barbara Lee (CA-09), George Miller  (CA-07) Laura Richardson  (CA-37), Lucille Roybal Allard (CA-34) Linda Sanchez (CA-47), Pete Stark (CA-13), Maxine Waters (CA-35).

These socialist are also in the forefront of the LBGT disaster, leading to a future where in California it is now becoming another overstepping of the constitutional rights that American citizens have fought so long and hard to keep. Working its way through a tyrannical progressive socialist legislature now is California Assembly Bill 2943. Using the Consumer Fraud Act as a backstop, the state is attempting to ban

       “the sale or lease of goods or services to any consumer..advertising, offering to engage in or engaging in sexual orientation  change efforts with an individual.”It forbids efforts to change behaviors or gender expressions, or to eliminate or reduce sexual attractions or feelings towards individuals of the same sex.”

Many people I have discussed this with have two questions.

  1. Will this put an end to the same sex indoctrination taking place through groups like Planned Parenthood in our schools, and:
  2. Will the Bible now be the target of book burning like in Hitlers Germany, and banned from sale in the state?

This agenda is nothing more than forcing the opportunity to ban books, conferences, counseling that advocates Muslim, Jewish< and Christian views on gender and sexual orientation.


Before you think that this will never get through with the honest hard working Christian people in the state, first look to another California Assembly Bill (AB2497,) that imposes taxes on firearms, ammunition, the sale, storage, use and other consumption of firearms.

In response to these overreaches of our tyrannical progressive socialist state government, people are starting to wake up. There will be a revolution if this continues, but not the type that the Marxist elitists appear to expect.

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Comment by Christine Rae Moylan on April 27, 2018 at 3:33am

The number one question is, who voted these people into office. I'm afraid people still do not understand Socialism is sweeping the World and America has not been immune to it. The National Geographic Channel has been showing the history of Hitler and National Socialism over the past two weeks. This has surprised me since this channel is Left and I haven't watched it for quite a few years. Yet this showing tells all with an ounce of brain just what is happening World-Wide. 

Until people realize they have to become politically active and really change the outcome, then, eventually this country will succumb to Socialism. My friends and family tell me they are sick of politics and just want to go back to raising their family. Well, that's what happened to Germany. We would all love to think our representatives are looking out for us and our Constitution. Unfortunately, once most get power they don't want to lose it and begin looking after themselves. 

Those who just want to raise their family are let others do their fighting for them will one day wake up and find themselves ruled by Socialism like CA and NY. That's how CA and NY are so far Left now. There is no doubt these two States cannot do it alone and along with the smaller States like MA and ME they have gotten a strong hold for Socialism. I keep remembering Soros who said he was taking the fight to the States. Well he has been doing that since 2008. Lucky for us Progressives love to talk and have fore-warned us for decades.

If it wasn't for Glenn Beck, who risked everything, we may not have been any the wiser. Our biggest threat is the harassment, coercing and intimidation of Conservatives and Christians. Next is, confiscate the guns. No different from the days of Hitler. Why the National Geographic Channel would show how Hitler conquered a Nation I do not know. I just know the knowledge is out in the open for people to see.

Is there any hope left for CA or NY? Anything is possible.  

Comment by Rich Knoch on April 26, 2018 at 4:18pm

Around 8+ thousand residents are fleeing Californicate on a monthly basis. 

As Governor MoonBeam continues with his anti-citizen ops more will flee, taking their assets and their companies (employment) which will bring on a major real estate devaluation, similar to the one willy clinton and (now governor of NY) cuomo cooked up to bring about the 2007-8 American Economic crisis.  That disaster was brought on by willy, cuomo, the justice brothers and community dis-organizers like obamba who set the stage for folks who would never pay their mortgage, get their mortgage, thus taking of advantage of both poor folks, rich folks and banks.

Evidently Governor MoonBeam and his "brainiacs" haven't thought this through to the bitter end, unless the end game is to make Californicate into MexiFornicate?   Either way, citizens and taxpayers lose, which seems to be the endgame of the Left?

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