The real reason Joe Biden is running

The real reason Joe Biden is running
By Peter Skurkiss
Some things are worth repeating, and Sundance's take on the candidacy of Joe Biden is one of them. His basic premise is that Biden's candidacy was an engineered effort by the Democrat establishment from the start. Its purpose was not electing Biden, but impeaching President Trump. Here's the theory:
The former vice president and long-term senator was never a viable candidate. The public is only now becoming aware of Biden's diminished mental state; his creepy, pawing habits; and his rank corruption. But every political insider knew these facts and knew they would eventually come out in a general election if Biden were ever to secure the nomination. This is why when Biden was considering jumping into the race, Barack Obama told him, "You don't need to do this, Joe, you really don't."
Ah, but he did need to.

After the Robert Mueller witch hunt went bust and the Russian collusion was exposed as a hoax, the Democrats needed a fallback position. Call it Impeachment 2.0. As Sundance writes:
I contend that impeachment 2.0 was contingent upon Joe Biden running for office. Why? Because without Biden as a 'candidate,' the entire premise of the impeachment narrative: "President Trump investigating his political opponent", doesn't exist.
Impeachment 2.0 was centered around a predictable Trump administration Ukraine investigation; much of which was likely being stirred up by the coup plotters themselves; and was dependent on a political opponent. hence, Joe Biden running for office was needed.
Without Biden in the race, a call for an investigation of corruption in the Ukraine is just a president doing his job. But with Slow Joe in the mix, it becomes an impeachable offense, at least in the minds of the Democrats. And from the point of view of the Democrat establishment, Biden was custom fit for this role. That's because in reality. Biden and his son were knee-deep in the Ukrainian corruption mess.
One can only imagine all the powerful insiders whispering in Biden's ear, egging him on to run: "You can do it, Joe. The country needs you. We're behind you 100%, Joe." And the fool believed it.
Impeachment 2.0 would never had gotten off the ground if America had an honest media. But the Democrats knew that their media lapdogs would jump at their commands. Hence, we were treated to contrived nationwide polls showing Biden as the strongest candidate in the Democrat field. The media narrative that was repeated over and over was that Biden was the one who could defeat Trump. This was done to strengthen the case for Impeachment 2.0 by making Trump look sinister and impeachable for allegedly pressuring a foreign government to investigate the corruption of his "leading" opponent.
A theory is only as good as its predictive value. So now with the impeachment 2.0 farce behind us, what does Sundance's theory predict? It's that the slayer of CornPop is no longer needed. This "useful idiot" is now an embarrassment and will be quickly abandoned. Without the AstroTurf support Biden has been receiving, expect his poll numbers to sink and his performance in primary races to flop. (Look at Iowa.) In an effort to capture some of its lost credibility, the media might finally start to ask probing questions of Biden about his and his son's role in Ukrainian corruption...and in China.
And then what?
The Democrat establishment is petrified of Bernie Sanders — not for the damage this aged socialist could do to the country. It's because if Crazy Bernie and his people take over the party, the current insiders will be pushed out into the cold, dark world. Accordingly, look for the Democrat National Committee (DNC) to place its thumb on the scale for Mini-Mike Bloomberg with the aim of a brokered convention in Milwaukee. Then the insiders will have tremendous leverage in the selection process.
If the nomination process is not deemed fair, Sanders might be placated as he was in 2016. But his Bernie Bros are a different kettle of fish. They're even crazier than Bernie is. It's hard to imagine what disruptions they could cause if they feel cheated or even if their man loses fair and square. The Democrats are in a hot mess, all right. This makes the re-election of Donald Trump look ever more likely, and a GOP takeover of the House well within reach.

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