Connection #1: The Organized Invasion

The Honduran president informed VP Mike Pence that Maduro, commust regime of Venezuela is behind the funding and the organizing,of the 7,000+ mob heading for or southern border.

The one term president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, was removed from office for refusing to leave office after having lost the election. Zelaya attempted to overthrow the democratic process by changing its constitution to make Zelaya its permanent dictator under a communist banner.

The attempt was totally endorsed by then president Barack Hussein Obama and backed by then communist dictator of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez. Obama had even went so far as to threaten the new Honduran administration w/ sanctions if communist leader Manuel Zelaya is not returned to power.

Chavez had an open alliance w/ then Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmedinejahd. And lets not forget that then president Obama had made a personal non-binding "deal" with the Iranian leadership which included pallets of untraceable CASH that added up to at least $150 billion

The banner of the expelled Honduran communist regime was seen within the mob that's heading for the US southern border; and two more groups are now organizing in El Salvador and Guatemala w/ the same intentions of illegally invading the United States.

It all adds to:
1. A mob which has been organized by communist nations that are also alligned w/ the Islamist ruling govt of Iran; and not the so called "organic" movement which the democrats and their media claim it all to be.

2.Because of their hard communist and Islamist allies it is quite probable that Uslamic terrorists are hiding within the mob of 7,000 and still counting. Two other groups are forming as we speak, remember?

Btw, the media has quietly started to move away from their following the mob step-by-step along the way - just after VP Mike Pence had informed us of who is directly connected to that leftist organized movement. Hmmm...I wonder why!

Connection #2: Patterns Of Behavior

Okay, there's the Palestinians; Hamas; Hezbollah; Boko Haran and The Weather Underground, just to name a few. What do they have in common?

1. They all hate American / judeochristian values.

2. They all despise jews and want the Jewish state destroyed.

3. They're all terrorists that have constructed and had detonated bombs.

4. They are all protected by the far left. Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, the leaders of the Weather Underground, are even revered by celebrities, the universities, the media and the Democrat Party.

Who is calling for, or encourageing, violence? Who had bussed in the violent mobs to prptest w/ OWS, and BLM, and protect Antifa?

Who shot up a softball practice of republicans where Steve Scalise was almost murdered? I can go on!

And I'm supposed to believe that Trump and/or the right organized the mailing of those so called "bombs" - and just a couple of weeks prior to the election; not to mention the FACT that the "caravan" crap isn't working out either? Sure.

Connection #3:

Hypocrisy Evident In The Lack Of Condemnation By Democrats And Their Media

Here are excerpts from a segment of yesterday's EIB: 

> "There hasn’t been a single — that I’ve heard, a single — statement of condemnation for any of these acts committed against Republicans by Democrat mobs. People who have been caught on tape threatening Republicans in restaurants. People who have been caught on tape threatening Republicans at airports. Republican offices that have been vandalized, rocks thrown through windows. "  [*]

So, condemnation from the left, including the violence committed by Antifa, has been NON existent. There's audio and video feeds of the likes of head union goon Trumka; former potus Obama, and other prominent democrats like Maxine Waters and Eric Holder directly calling for violence and Hillary saying "There won't be any cevelety until the democrats are back in power". Yet, as if on cue CNN is directly blaming President Trump for these "ACME bombs" (as Glenn Beck accurately put it) that have been sent.

Rush found a website that has listed threats and acts of violence committed by the far left.  It's a long list.  Go To:

No mere vague or baseless accusations there. The left OWNS that. As for those ACME bombs, I believe that if...or is revealed that it was or were leftists that were involved - the media will drop it like a piece of hot charcoal and move on to the next tactic.


Connection #4:  Infinite Insanity

"MAGA" Bomber?!

It sounds to me that the media had likely come up with that one within minutes of theinitial reportings.

F CHUCKY: Didya see the stickers? WOW! Talk about in the Trump bag!

L522: Did you see the BELLTS that almost mdurered Steve Scalise? Did you guys label him the Demoecrat-Socialist shooter? What about the OWS or BLM or Antifa mob. Did you label them the "Change We Need" mob? The key diff erence is that all the mobsters mentioned above had actually hurt people.

F CHUCKY: You sound like a Trump-racist too!

L522: Oh?! Did you hear the huge APPLAUSE from the entire audience that met w/ President Trump at the Young Black Leaders conference? NO ONE took-a-knee there, huh!

F CHUCKY: They're not very bright!

L522: Really? You sound like a "rich, white, racist",,Chucky!

As for Cesar Sayoc - the law will throw the book at him; without a doubt. As well they should!. Moreso, perhaps, than Bo Bergdahl got despite him having gotten fellow troops killed because of Bergdahl's desertion.

Hey, Chucky. Did CNN or any of your media colleagues criticize Obama for so prouldy hugging Bo's father? Nope. But then again - Obama bent over for the Saudi king - for which you sang his praises. "MAGA" bomber, huh? Thank kGod no one was even hurt. Can't say the same about Scalise can we.

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Comment by Robert Tidwell on October 28, 2018 at 8:56pm

Great post Luis    

I know that I'm not the most articulate person when I've posted here.  Most of those post have been dismissed because the people here want to be more fact based rather then that information based off of speculation such as web sites like Infowars / Alex Jones.  Having said that, my ARMY training as a forward Recon Scout drilled into my head at age 17 has never left me.  Training that even misinformation was even helpful.   My duty station at Fort Bragg had an underground comic book. No one seemed to know where it came from, and most who read it knew it to be some kind of propaganda material.  The one thing that always intrigued me other then Doper Dan, was the uncanny knowledge the writer knew of our bases movements. 

The other uncanny thing the comic book revealed, were things like what Luis posted.  Like the time Doper Dan was shot down in a helicopter on a secret mission to rescue hostages because President Carter was too much of a pussy to go get them.  I'm referring to the helicopters that "failed to put on proper screens to filter out sand" and went down, which was one of the unofficial stories.  Truth be known . . .  it was a rogue mission not authorized by our Government, and were shot down to keep from having an international incident.  International incident, that's a laugh.   I'm sure it's code for something to the globalist.

If you want to read the "cover up story" go here :

Doper Dan always talked to the reader in a third person view, as seen in other cartoons or movies ( like Ferris Bueller's Day Off ) with witty remarks.  I catch POTUS doing this from time to time, and you have to ask yourself who is he really talking to, other than his voter base.  I've always known about 3D chess, and even gave it a shot to play it.  It wasn't till Donald Trump came on the scene that I learned about 4D chess.  Anyone here familiar with it ?  4D chess is where you use real people in real time based off their emotions to move in a certain direction or perform a certain action, he's very good at.  A game that the elites having been playing for a very long time that we have never been privy to learn.  It's a game I always thought to be "Problem - Reaction - Solution" but it's more complicated than that. 

Anyone familiar with The Chewbacca Defense ?  Something that the Democratic - Communist - Progressive - Oligarch - Socialist ( DCPOS ) are very good at and have used on us.  I came up with a saying that defines it better  "The DCPOS can't win against us in an argument, all they do is mix up and confuse things to where it becomes completely stupid, then they win with experience.  Because we all know you can't fix stupid"  Anyone here who has watched Tucker Carlson talk to Gorge from Telemudo / Univision which ever it is, knows and seen that at work.

You know . . .  I've got so much to say . . . But I just really wanted to say Good Post Luis

Comment by Larry Puckette on October 28, 2018 at 6:41pm

Comment by luis✩USA on October 27, 2018 at 8:10pm


You asked when was the last time our nation had been referred to as a "republic" by the left (demons). Well, lets be honest. Not many GOPers refer to it that way etther. Most Americans consider the USA a democracy.  Today, the only thing that distinguishes our "republic" from a demcracy is the electoral college; or the delegates.  Otherwise, we had started to become a soft-socialist democracy back when the XIV was ratified. And it went full speed ahead w/ the XVI and XVII in 1913.

As for what the Iranian leadership tell their population - it's no different than the propaganda / misinformation spread by communists and fascists throughout history.  They can say whatever they want.  Besides, it wouldn't take an invasion of 1000s to destroy our financial system. Not even "19" Islamists. All it would take is a couple of terrorists w/ a couple of nukes or a dirty bombs detonated in the right places - like Hoover Dam and or a power plant in near a nuclear reactor in NY.

How many 1000s is that mob in Mexico up to now?  What if it's just a way to have the nation looking some place else?  If that mob builds up  to 10k - we better have at least twice as many in personnel at the border to STOP them cold! 

Comment by Patricia Gillenwater on October 27, 2018 at 6:05pm

I think "will this Republic survive?" It will not if the demon-rats continue to get their way. When was the last time one of the demons referred to our form of gov't as a Republic?

Last year I was reading tone of the theocratic news source of Iran the article boasted that Iran could come and go from the U.S. at will. They also boasted of members of their Quds force learning and speaking fluent spanish.

This Republic is in very serious trouble.

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