The United States was founded on fundamental principles of morality based on sound religious doctrine and citizenry knowledgeable of the process of good government. Americans had a deep abiding faith in their country and politicians, and a love of liberty that the country provided. There will need to be a restoration and the only question is what direction shall the politicians of our time move. At present the establishment has denigrated to the point where it is the problem. Partisanship has taken over, and future generations will pay the price for our politicians working for the government and themselves and not in the interest of the people. A new resurgence of honor and patriotism is what it will take to get back to a country of limited government, federalism, and deep respect for our founding government. There can no longer be special rights and privileges for the elites and those of “special” groups. Wealth distribution will solve nothing and only further debase our monetary system.

In the beginning of this great nation we valued great statesmen. They were men who rose above the fray and valued honesty themselves. They were motivated by a knowledgeable citizenry to craft policy based on public morality and for the common good. We have had leaders in the past that put their own careers, dreams, behind the need for the common good. They knew how to understand the needs of the country, understood the foreign entanglements that needed to be formed for the common good.

The country is more divided now than any time after the Civil War. Our country was structured as one of borders, cultures and laws. Assimilation into the basic standards of this country is now actively suppressed by the elites of both parties, leading to a cultural mosaic that is fragmented and divisive. No administration has done more than the Obama administration to destroy the American way of life. Even our schools are teaching our young to be embarrassed about our country’s history. Slavery, and the sins of our country are used in academia to force people into groups that are polar opposites of one another causing fear and suspicion.

Millennials were the first to receive this indoctrination. They have been told America is not exceptional and have been encouraged to accuse America of genocide, and to ridicule the values and cultures of the country in order to destroy the culture our founders used to establish the ties that bound us together. It has come to the point where our way of life becomes focused on supposed victimhood with government the only solution. Our rugged independence is gone, and many have turned to the elites, those very people who have caused the harm, for help, further falling into the chains of dependence on others. Many are doing this willingly, believing the government will care for them while keeping them in poverty, but at least these “victims” will not have to do anything but sit at home watch TV and collect a check.

It was Lincoln who said “A house divided against itself can not stand.” The people of the country have been divided into groups by geography, class, color and politics. Our current President has caused deep rifts to appear in a country where most of the healing had already been done. There is no longer a common ground; both Democrats and Republicans have lost the ability to compromise, and have pushed the idea that the challenges that we face can only be solved by the government and that the citizens need not comment on government dealings.

Progressives need to transform our society . They will incrementally work their way towards gun control, free speech, control of the entire economy once they destroy it. There are those who look to patriots as domestic terrorists. This administration has gone so far as to bring the United Nations into the country to help fight terrorism and intolerance in our cities. The objective is to combat racism, bigotry, hatred and intolerance. In other words a police state where you will need to watch everything you say, do or think. In 2009, DHS in the report “Rightwing Extremism” defined extremists as those who believe in limited government, wanting local rather than federal authority and in “Leftwing Extremism”, labeled environmentalists and animal rights groups as extremists. In the same year, Operation Vigilant Eagle requires that military veterans be watched. What is comes down to is that if you are opposed to a bungling big government process you are an extremist.

So we know where the Progressive Socialists stand and what they think of our country, but what of the Republicans? Paul Ryan, maybe the new Speaker of the House. stated that it is the job of US lawmakers to feel empathy for those foreign nationals who want to come here, and then facilitate solutions to make that happen. Is it not the job of US lawmakers to respond to the challenges faced by the citizens of this country? And while the past four decades of ignoring immigration laws have led to a smaller middle class, lower wages, more Americans on welfare, lower test scores due to non English speaking students and more criminals in our nation, both parties have done nothing to stem the tide of immigration.

Our Commander in Chief has bullied those that disagree with him, and as stated above, may soon criminalize dissent. A woman running for President with no experience and no achievements but a great deal of scandal attached.  Have we really become a country where a woman who, in her official duties, lied to the families of four dead men and the American people but can still be elected President. And when will the Republicans stop rubber stamping everything that Obama wants as they did with the raising of the debt ceiling. When if ever, will they grow a backbone?

Is the leadership of this country so devoid of those very virtues that the founding fathers built this country on that it is no longer possible to find an honest man. Are there are no leaders in either party with the strength or vision to understand that something has gone terribly wrong?  The understanding of common challenges does not rely on the dynastic principles being foisted on our citizenry. It appears that those in politics today in many cases run for office to help themselves often to the detriment of the people who they should care about.

Perhaps it is true. Progressives are in politics for the power, and Republicans are in it for the business. Perhaps both need to go. There is a large upswell of people who are tired of the direction in which the country is going. Our country needs to become independent and the people need to be willing to talk with one another once again and without the effects of the media propaganda that so pervades all we see. We need to elect leaders with our founding principles at heart.. We the People need to hold our politicians accountable and no longer let them pad their pockets and destroy our nation. Will it take a revolution; that hasn’t been decided yet. But we can no longer afford those “victims” who expect everyone else to take care of them and bow to every whim. If it takes a revolution then so be it, our nation must rise from the ashes into which has been quickly plummeting.

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Comment by luis✩USA on April 9, 2018 at 10:02am

"The United States was founded on fundamental principles of morality based on sound religious doctrine"


"religious" doctrine?

Why the political correctness, John?  Lets be direct.  Our Founders and Framers established a Constitution inspired by JUDEO-CHRISTIAN values (doctrine). 

"The country is m"

Whomever thinks that this isn't by design is totally ignorant; and dangerously so.  A divided nation can never fight an oppressive and tyrannical gov't.  Had the Colonists had been so divided then - there'd've been NO Civil War because we'd've still been under British rule.

Where are the "two" parties united? What's their goal?  To rip apart our Constitution which would then facilitate the surrender of our sovereignty to the UN (the EU, The Hague, WorldBank/IMF, the WTO, the WHO, etc). Wgc is what the Paris Accord is actually about.

But to the only way to expedite this plan will be to take awyay our Natural...even DIVINE...right to protect and defend ourselves, our family and our property - even against an American gov't that goes rogue.

Have you noticed that behind most of these mass shootings the FBI is linked to it?  And lets not forget the links between the Justice Department and the ATF w/ "Fast & Furious" and how the police went house to house in New Orleans right after Katrina as well. And that was under Bush43 who, like his father, IS very much on board,w/ the UN agenda (Agenda 21 / UN2030).

So, using this arguement, I'd say the "uniparty" is not really "failing"  The American people are. And we're too busy pointing fingers instead of looking at the two-faces in the mirror.

When asked what was it that the people were handed, Benjamin Franklin replied: "A Republic. If you can KEEP it ".  To "keep" means to guard and protect. And we hadn't almost from day one.

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