WE NEED TO EDUCATE OURSELVES, SHARE OUR THOUGHTS with each member regarding TPP and the eventual T-TIP. We need to fight this war on the USA that the TPP is waging.


The key thoughts around attempts to reach understanding are:

  • How will it affect USA sovereignty

  • Further erode the 10th Amendment

  • Fuel the new world order

  • Erode two and half + centuries of the rule of laws

  • How TPP will invade USA laws of the future

  • Adoption of WTO rules and increase those rules

  • TPP is NAFTA on steroids (it represent the lessons learned from NAFTA)

I am no economist. I do not have any claims to understanding the global economy in great depth. This lack of deep understanding does not disqualify my contention that our USA citizens have been harmed economically by the tools and institutions that have created the system.

It is a hard to swallow a notion that one finds themselves agreeing with the Socialist Bernie Sanders with regards to TPP and TTIP. Infact I agree with the left who are waging a mighty battle against signing on to the trade agreement. My agreement with them on one level is about the destruction it will bring to the meaning of the middle class. The agreement will harm the working class. What I find disturbing from the left/progressives is that they do not discuss the fact that American sovereignty will be irreparably destroyed.

We read from many members here on 912 that they support free/fair trade. I have always believed that in spirit trade between nations should be free/fair. The truth is, in my opinion, is simply that free/fair is not and never will live up to the those ideals.

We have discussed over the years the New World Order. In the early years despite decades of proof we were on the march towards the new order, we were derided by labeling us as kooks claiming the concept of a new order was a conspiracy theory. We were right all along.

For decades upon decades the US government has been on the forefront of the new order project plan. Institutions have been created powered in no small way by USA funds: WTO, IMF, NATO, World Bank etc.  

Now ‘they’ seem to feel free to ratchet up by creating new trade deals that will be the ‘gold standard’ to support more control in the international. Make no mistake this means that rules/law/regulations supplant existing laws of the USA and requires that future laws passed by Congress and indeed of any States in the USA conform to the rules/regulations/laws in the international.

In recent years I have listened to members of SCOTUS make statements at this and that event that the court must begin to consider the laws in the international. Not my friends law of the USA or any state but consideration of the domestic law vs international law.

The new order has declared four big trading block’s: North America (NAU), Europe(EU), Asia and Latin America. As Obama recently said and I paraphrase it is much easier to talk with representatives of these four blocks than to negotiate with many nations one on one. This division into blocks is at the very core that drives in their thinking the need for ‘gold standard’ trade control placed in the international.

The entire mess we find ourselves victims of, and yes we are victims, victims to be discarded for the wealth and power of a few. K-street firms that represent foreign interests abound. They have no loyalty to the USA and folks many in Congress being corrupted by money from the foreign interests are systematically selling the USA. Ms Clinton’s stint at the State department should inform us all that ‘pay to play’ for personal wealth is alive, All levels of our government, all branches have been corrupted.

Let me provide one example. We are hearing that the US Military procurement process must be reformed. No doubt for many decades upon decades that the procurement process has been in need of overhaul, better oversight. No longer however is it  matter of ensuring equal access to providing goods and services domestically it has moved into the realm of international. Made in the USA to supply our military is now a joke. At best some goods are ‘assembled’ in the USA. Congress long ago gave the military the right to purchase goods while in theater to X number of dollars from local vendors or from other countries directly. The X amount of dollars somewhere around a hundred thousand dollars can be issued. Chain procurement of issued transfer of dollars over and over. Boots for the troops serving in Afghanistan purchased unabashedly from China.

We say we create uniforms for the military, made in the USA. Well sorta true, stitched together perhaps but Austria provides the rayon.

Everything we purchase unless we know the source, mostly now locally grown produce, you have difficulty deciphering where the product comes from. We want to purchase a vehicle that is made in the USA. The vehicle may/or may not be assembled in the USA. The parts that make up a completed vehicle the manufacturing of those thousands of parts come from the global supply chain. Chances are that few of the parts were manufactured/ tooled by USA workers.

Getting back to procurement and tieing it to the TPP the overhaul of procurement I contend is most likely brought on by the need to conform procurement rules/regulations to the international ‘gold standard’ of the TPP trade agreement.  Here are two links that I urge you to read.




There exist many sources that represent the views of pros and cons regarding the TPP. I fall into the camp of against the TPP. USA sovereignty being the most crucial reason. This fact represents my opposition to the new world order.

As the republicans in Congress many of which supported fast track. I watched O. Hatch ushering fast track through his committee. It was a display of utter embarrassment of salivating republicans slobbering all over their chins to sale out American workers and worse the sovereignty of the USA.

Obama said recently that we can not stop the global economy and we must then support the ‘gold standard’ that the TPP represents. I do not buy that line. We can at the very least begin to tame the global economy. Tame it in favor of country and her citizens.

WE NEED TO EDUCATE OURSELVES, SHARE OUR THOUGHTS with each member. We need to fight this war on the USA.


Please wear out your fingers conducting research and then share your thoughts.

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Comment by Patricia Gillenwater on August 15, 2016 at 3:59pm

Suzie, Wouldn't be surprised at any sleazy actions Obama would do.

The senate republicans part and parcel responsible for setting up the scenario that you pointed out. Taking a quote from TechDirty Republicans "convinced enough of their Democratic counterparts to give up their Constitutional authority in regulating international commerce (yes, you read that right: Republicans who keep complaining about the President taking too much power and not obeying the Constitution, just voted explicitly to give up Constitutional authority to the President of the other party, while most Democrats declined to do so)." This was the gift of fast-track authority. Here is a LINK to refresh our memories about some of the nuts and bolts result of the gift granted to Obama.

Comment by Mangus Colorado on August 15, 2016 at 3:25pm

Here is how to dominate the world food market - we will be 25% under their local cost and we will make huge profits.


We put millions of skilled workers on manufacturing jobs building 500 to 1,000 Nuclear power plant of a low cost standard design. This will provide all the energy to accomplish a full restoration of our industrial base. How will this happen you ask?

First we "MINE" the oceans for gold, silver, copper, uranium, methane, manganese and other valuable minerals and metals. It has been estimated that it will be profitable to mine gold from the seas at around $ 3,000 per ounce. Second we use cheap nuclear power to extract these metals which could make a profit to pay off the national debt. Third we use the byproduct "WATER" to farm the huge vacant dry south west feeding the entire planet with low cost food.

Finally we use the cheap nuclear power to build factories to manufacture everything the entire planet needs and we return to zero unemployment and can pay good wages because we have free energy that makes a profit in it's creation.The money generated can payoff all debts, build nuclear reprocessing plants, research and develop a system to render nuclear waste harmless.

Just think, full employment, no energy crisis ever, gold to make money valuable, make the dollar the strongest currency on earth, end inflation, end government debt. Just imagine "AMERICA REBORN AND THE DREAM FULFILLED!!!

Comment by Patricia Gillenwater on August 15, 2016 at 3:13pm

The United States International Trade Commission released a report on TPP. Read HERE.

They issued a summary of the report in a press release. Read HERE.

Now tell me how the TPP helps America? Read a bullet point in the summary, and I quote

  • The Commission used a dynamic computable general equilibrium model to determine the impact of TPP relative to a baseline projection that does not include TPP.  The model estimated that TPP would have positive effects, albeit small as a percentage of the overall size of the U.S. economy. By year 15 (2032), U.S. annual real income would be $57.3 billion (0.23 percent) higher than the baseline projections, real GDP would be $42.7 billion (0.15 percent) higher, and employment would be 0.07 percent higher (128,000 full-time equivalents). U.S. exports and U.S. imports would be $27.2 billion (1.0 percent) and $48.9 billion (1.1 percent) higher, respectively, relative to baseline projections. U.S. exports to new FTA partners would grow by $34.6 billion (18.7 percent); U.S. imports from those countries would grow by $23.4 billion (10.4 percent).

Some improvement but it is not big, dent 'maybe' in trade deficit certainly no guarantee. What is the cost to America for moving our nation's future to the arms of unelected, secret courts in the international? Its high folks.

One of the sectors believed to be of benefit to USA is exports of farm products. Let's get real, those who are engaged in large exports of farm products ask yourself who are they? Will jobs, good paying jobs trickle down? No. The key in agriculture or mfg. of animals is automation and cheap labor. Will the USA trade deficits decrease, do not count on it.

Will surplus of farm products such as grain etc. increase domestically to feed the population in America during a crisis of war, pandemics, crop failure? No -- the storage facilities that dot the midwest, rusting away -- empty will remain that way.

While we elect and those in gov't who are there to do what is right by Americans -- they simply operate now to the highest contributors to their coffers, personal coffers. You and I are the warts they feel they must spin-lie too and control.

Comment by Mangus Colorado on August 15, 2016 at 2:38pm


That is why we use Treaties and not Statutes - to keep our legal system protected from the UN, WTO, NATO and all other agreements - they are outside the nations boundaries and can only come in per terms which can be terminated at will.

The WTO has no power if the party the take to their court withdraws. It is the same with all trade and defense agreements. The Hague has always wanted to try American Soldiers for war crimes and we will not let them. It is amazing what we do not know about how an why our government does many things - they are hidden in plain sight at times?

Comment by Patricia Gillenwater on August 15, 2016 at 2:31pm

Mangus, I read it. You are right about the green assertion. The TPP as I view it is designed for the new order. A big aspect is an attempt to control behaviors of nations with laws/regulations/rules, secret judges to decide the merits of a case. Does this sound like the UN paper pushers. They write, try to control, issue edicts of unlawful. They are ignored time and time again.

The UN said that harboring Julian A. is unlawful. A human rights chief from the UN on the other hand says we should celebrate what Edward Snowden did. Oops I agree but I have to add the Wikileaks network to the notion they too are bringing to peoples around the world the actions of powerful organizations and government. The American people need truth.

Can you imagine a foreign company takes to the WTO court your state or your state local government a case where the multinational or a foreign gov't have a burr up their butt to use imminent domain to acquire a small municipality? No reason to think at this point they couldn't.

Comment by Patricia Gillenwater on August 15, 2016 at 2:02pm

Rich, What you say is fact. Any secrecy of content informs that we the common peoples of the USA and indeed the people of other signatory nations would take the fight to the streets.

A year or so ago I spent some time reading the govts publishing online of trade treaties. This touted by Obama as transparency. Not, Not. What I read of each were carefully crafted summaries, there was little to no meat.

Make no mistake Rich many republicans support TPP in Congress infact as I have said drool drips from their old chins.

They won't take up TPP until after the new Congress is seated.

Comment by Rich Knoch on August 15, 2016 at 1:36pm

TPP was designed from the ground up by Liberal Socialist Deviants to be an abject DISASTER.

For proof . . . . if you were one of the few in Congress you could read it in a locked and sequestered "cell", could take no notes nor communicate with another human via cell, etc., and were not allowed to discuss it with a "normal" human being once allowed out of the "cell".

Surely no one has forgotten "Wacko" Pelosi's "bleat" on obamacare . . . "We Have to Pass the Bill So That You Can Find Out What Is In It" . . . . . just look what that's gotten us. 

The reason for the sequestered "cell" to read TPP and no discussion with anyone was obamba had to LIE his rear off, bribe members of Congress, the famous Cornhusker Kick-Back comes to mind as being just one of his criminal acts, just to get the "abortion of a law" passed . . . then had to enlist Justice "Pretzel" Roberts to explain, reword and give the aborted law to us.  

obamba, not wanting to lie his rear off once again and wanting to secure his "legacy", which is a joke, didn't want to have to perform these "Feats of Hercules" once again . . . . cleaning the Augean Stables could be a close analogy :)


Comment by Mangus Colorado on August 15, 2016 at 12:14pm

How many have even read the overview of the TPP treaty? Not many is my guess.

It is more E=green and labor than it is trade. It is a giant political document.

IMHO - forget about it - just kill it and move on.

Comment by Mangus Colorado on August 15, 2016 at 12:09pm

There is nothing wrong with trade agreements that strive to open markets to the products of each nation without duties and tariffs.

The problem with what are called trade agreements is that they have little to do with actual trade being open and free they are all about political desires and making laws without Congress actually passing a Statute that the citizens can read and understand.

I was involved with factories under the NAFTA formation and negotiations . . there was over 9,000 separate items all treated in a different manner. There were many thousands of pages and it did not take immediate effect - it took over 10 years to be fully implemented which ha still not happened.

So, like all things that governments negotiate we the people lose and the facts are hidden from us. So, Trade being free is good, social engineering and global political desires are not so good.

Comment by Susan Nielsen on August 15, 2016 at 11:53am


 This may be one of the most important issues of our time... We must "rally the troops" and fight this!According to this article Obama plans to push this through a lame duck congress after elections...With our attention focused on the elections in the headlines -like a slithering snake in the grass he plans to sneak this past us...  

NEW YORK – The White House has put Congress on official notice that it will be sending lawmakers a bill to implement President Barack Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement later this year.


The White House submitted what’s known as a Statement of Administrative Action giving Congress a 30-day notification that the administration plans to present legislation implementing the TPP.

Obama has previously said that he intends to push the TPP in the lame-duck session of Congress after the election.

Congressional leaders have said they would not consider the so-called “free trade” deal before the election because it is extremely unpopular with voters.

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2016/08/its-official-obama-to-send-congress-tpp/...

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