Did he bend over; or did he apolgize to the poimt of embarrassment; let alone even try to ridiculously blame the Islamic bloodshed on "climate change" (aka global warming) - which EVERYONE on the Left from Obama on down to Hillary have directly blame America for?  NO!!!

Did President Donald Trump denigrate the American Citizenry, or our very foundation in any way, shape, or form? No at all!  Does he seem to understand that there's a history of deadly hatred between the Saudis and the Iranians?  I say yes. Hence the talk of the Saudis purchasing over $100B in heavy arsenal. (Although it wom't be very affective if...I mean WHEN...the Persian/Aryans have finished developing a useable nuclear device.) And, don't forget, Iran has successfully launched their own satellites into space. What does that spell: I-C-B-M.

Finally, there are those on the "right" b*tching about how Trump did not use the term "radical" when talking about the terrorist organzations based in and / or controlling many if not all Islamic nations.  SO WHAT!!!  Not even Bush43 had ever confronted the Saudis...or any other islamic leader...directly on THEIR OWN SOIL for hat matter!  Thus it's my opinion that Trump's speech to the Saudis was well over due and very Presidential as well. The best speech yet since Ronald Reagan's "Tear Down This Wall!". 

I just hope that Trump will maintain this level of focus and discipline.


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Comment by Patricia Gillenwater on May 22, 2017 at 11:48pm

I watched his speech and I must say proud of our President. Yes a great speech and one I think the Arabs were grateful for.

Its interesting to note that the Arabs are moving more towards an alliance with Israel, long overdue. Too early to tell if the Arabs will take actions. They must understand if they don't they are toast.

I stayed up and watched the arrival of the President in Israel and then his trip to Jerusalem, very impressive.

His trip was well planned. Good messages for all so far.

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