Data has proven that Voter ID does not suppress voter turnout. One of many studies and the most definitive was conducted at the Harvard Business School. This study disproves the progressive socialist point that the poor and people of color are disadvantaged when Voter ID is present. AN ID is required to board a plane flight, to buy alcohol, or to rent a car, and yet we are told that people of color aren't smart enough to get an ID to vote. Besides being racist in the way people of color are treated by the leftists, it is patently false that a photo ID is cost-prohibitive, as all states will willingly give a resident of that state a free ID. Of the ten states that require ID, seven require photo ID. 25 other states request that voters show ID but are still allowed to vote on a "provisional" ballot if an ID is not available. The research has shown that "strict or rigid" voter ID laws do not have an effect on voter turnout.

The study researched the number from CATALIST, a progressive U.S. company that provides data and data-related services to progressive organizations. Demographic information, including age, sex, race, and party affiliation, were included along with registration information. It was found after the research that Voter ID laws had no significant negative effect on registration or turnout of any group according to age, gender, race or party. They also proved that Voter ID laws did not decrease participation in the voting of any ethnic minority.  It even did not matter if it was a midterm election or a presidential election.

Of more concern is the passage of AB1921 in California which allowed anyone to bring in a massive amount of vote by mail ballots with no questions asked and no verified records. Vote-buying, voter coercion and automated forgery along with same-day registrations are a part of the stealing of elections in California. The California Elections Code section 3017(a)(3) allows for the family member of a vote by mail voter to submit the ballot. It directly stipulates that no political organization or committee may not return the ballot, 3017 (e). The passage of AB1921 has changed the language to allow "any person"  to return these ballots, either in person or by the truckload.

 This bill leads to voter coercion where a union member will be required to show his ballot to the union boss or be fired. Voting in San Francisco in 2004 shows just how prevalent this may be. Megachurches, union organizations, and political organization including Superpacs, can hold ballot Parties where everyone is required to attend and make out the ballots as told.

Progressive harvesting also targets senior citizens homes and centers and "assist" senior citizens in voting. Even Chinese voters are infiltrated by progressive socialist interpreters as happened in California in 2011.

This process also leads to automated forgeries of the digital signatures of millions of citizens. This includes the hacking of voter databases have already been confirmed to have occurred in Riverside County, California and other states such s Arizona and Illinois. It is also informative that there is no requirement that verification of ballots must take place, nor who brought these ballots to the polls. Orange County, California has 250,000 votes delivered through "ballot harvesting on Election day with no control over who brought them in, and no verification of the voters or the votes.

Scott Foval, the one-time national field director for Americans United for Change gleefully admitted to voter fraud and claimed it has been occurring for almost 50 years. The progressive socialists have even gone as far as to hire out of state voters into shell companies for no other reason but to vote. These out of state voter are paid afterward for their votes. Foval put the Project Veritas investigator in contact with a political operative who was willing to help start a voter fraud scheme, and the facilitator was a Mexican born illegal alien. His name was Cesar Vargas. He worked as a New York lawyer and is the founder of the Dream Action Coalition.

If you are a progressive socialist, the need for more illegal aliens voting is simple. Blacks are no longer voting straight-line Democrat. They are waking up, through information from people like Candace Owens and the Blexit organization that has shown the treatment they have received from the leftists for the last 50 years. The progressive socialists need new voters, legal or illegal to return to the power they crave. Illegal aliens will vote for leftists who are willing to give them all the benefits they need at taxpayer expense. And being that most of them come for socialist countries it is what they are used to.

Nancy Pelosi has made a video about the need to welcome newcomers into the political process. It was never made clear who Ms. Pelosi counted as newcomers. While there has much talk of voter suppression, the value of a verifiable voter ID and registration at least 30 days before an election is uncontestable. There must also be strict and enforceable rules for vote by mail and absentee ballots.

In California, there are violations of the National Voter Registration Act in that the counties do not perform any form of maintenance to keep voter rolls up to date. When brought to the attention of California Attorney General, it was of course denied, and Judicial Watch was condemned as supporting "voter suppression." Not explained was the victory of Hillary Clinton in the last presidential elections with less than 1% of votes counted. Voter fraud was the reason the Orange County California went Democrat for the first time in 80 years, pushed over the top by vote by mail ballots that were harvested and counted. In San Diego county, election officials counted 170,000 ballots that were not in the original count. Los Angeles County had over 200,000. Again, these are vote by mail ballots that have not been verified and usually dropped off at about 5 pm on election day. Even ballots that have arrived three days after the election cycle are allowed to be counted, allowing the progressive socialists to have a count of how many ballots they must supply. It is nothing more than allowing partisan political hacks to be unsupervised to destroy the election process.

A study by the Electoral Studies Journal proved the in 2008 and 2010 elections as many as 2.8 million illegal aliens voted in those elections. The study, conducted by Jesse Richman and Gushan Chatta, from Old Dominion University and David Earnest of George Mason University concluded that there were enough illegal votes to change the Electoral College and congressional elections. Another study done by JustFacts, using data from a large Harvard/You.Gov study has shown that as many as 5.7 million non-citizens had voted in 2008. In 2012, the number was 3.6 million. At the time of the 2008 election, Obama stipulated that election records would not be cross-checked with immigration databases. This leaves the progressive socialists with any manner of voter fraud that they feel was required to get to the numbers needed for control.

This can not be allowed to continue. Either we are a nation of laws that lead to fair elections, or we are not. California must clean up their voter rolls before being allowed to partake in any elections in the future. The issues of state-sponsored voter fraud and manipulation of vote totals must be addressed. In California, the Election Integrity Project has found that there 991,411 people registered that are ineligible to vote. Without a valid Voter ID in place, there is no way to measure illegal voting or prevent it from happening during every election.

Los Angeles County in California has reached an agreement with Judicial Watch to clean up its voter registration list which had not been updated for 20 years. There is much more to do, and illegal voting needs to be made a felony with substantial jail time to curtail its use. Ballot harvesting needs to be rescinded in order to works towards a free and fair election in California. This may be the only opportunity we have to stop the progressive socialists from stealing our elections in California again.

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Comment by Patricia Gillenwater on September 20, 2019 at 3:14pm

John good Part2. Folks can do very little in this world without having an ID(s). Therefore if a person wants a thing show ID period. Asking for an Id to vote deters a person from voting well absurd. Likewise it is absurd that when allowing a non citizen a drivers license that the drivers license be appropriately coded to reflect non-citizen.

Voter fraud in CA who would think such a thing? Me.


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