What do Hillary, Epstein, David Cox and Millions have in common

What do Hillary, Epstein, David Cox and Millions and Millions of Dollars have in common?

By Susan Nielsen

After reading the latest regarding the Clinton's ties to Epstein and J. David Cox, who as president of the AFGE -American Federation of Government Employee, which just happens to be the Union for Prison workers! BTW- J.David Cox is also a sexual deviant! Of course Facebook, Snopes, etc... claim all of this evidence is false. There are certainly a lot of “coincidences” too many if you ask me! So, if you are interested in finding the truth to the story, check the following links for yourself! Always... Follow the money!

The Clinton "cold" just struck again.. 
Many times when the media is silent, the truth has been presented.. Don’t know, never will..  no one seems to care.
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Jeffrey David Cox (in Google,) - real name just David Cox) is the head of Federal Prison Guards in Manhattan. Jeffery is the boss of the guards who were supposed to keep Jeffery Epstein alive while in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan. He also is friends with Bill and Hillary Clinton. This is such a small world
Stop everything!! Updated info; 11/24/19 David Cox just had a $20 million mansion "bought for him" in Shanghai, by a company called HSBC Holdings. HSBC had been found to have money laundered and funded terrorists and Mexican drug cartels. Hillary buried this in 2012 by negotiating it down to a relatively small fine. On July 30, 2019 Russian intelligence picked up info regarding a hit on Epstein being ordered, for exactly $100 mil. On Aug. 3, 2019, Clinton linked entities in NYC transfer $100 mil to HSBC. HSBC transferred $50 m to their China branch, who then used it to buy the mansion, as well as a $7 m luxury apartment for another Clinton connected union boss in charge of hiring guards. Aug 10 2019 Epstein found dead in an ultra-secure prison where only 1 other person has ever been able to commit suicide... Such a small world...

Facebook has been busy removing the above article- claiming it is false. Odd how Facebook uses third party investigators- Who just happen to be owned by Liberals! Facebook has a contract with snopes!

How is Facebook addressing false news through third-party fact checkers?

We're committed to fighting the spread of false news on Facebook. We use both technology and human review to remove fake accounts, promote news literacy and disrupt the financial incentives of spammers. In certain countries, we also work with third-party fact-checkers who are certified through the non-partisan International Fact-Checking Network to help identify and review false news.


President of Major U.S. Union Accused of Sexual Harassment

Ten people describe experiencing or witnessing inappropriate behavior by AFGE president J. David Cox. He denies the allegations.

Cox is a member of the AFL-CIO Executive Council and chairs the federation’s professional employees department.


 Yet, Hillary claims she does not know J. David Cox- only met him once!



AFGE leaders conducted presidential forums with Senator Bernie Sanders and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.


19 November 2015, 16:36


AFGE Presidential Forums with Sen. Sanders and Secretary Clinton



August 12, 2019

Clinton Union Bosses Of Epstein Prison Guards Mysteriously Own $26 Million Luxury Properties In China


House Congressional records show link to Epstein and HSBC  which is the company that purchased the 20 million dollar mansion for David Cox!


And of course Epstein named names


He names of at least 1,000 people appear in sealed court documents associated with Jeffrey Epstein, a court heard on Wednesday. Whether to make them public is the latest skirmish in a years-long legal battle that continues to play out even after Epstein’s death.

Odd how Union Dues can contribute to Political Campaigns and receive a refund for part!


Labor leaders have made the use of employee money for political causes a popular practice — but it’s far less popular among the public and the members themselves.


  • The landmark U.S. Supreme Court case Communications Workers of America v. Beck (1988) lets union members get a refund for the part of their dues that are used for political activity. Learn more about your Beck rights.


For the second time in three months, officials at the largest federal employee union are embroiled in a contentious internal dispute over resources and authority.

National leaders at the American Federation of Government Employees last week ousted officials at the local covering Labor Department headquarters over spending on a recent event. But officials at the Local 12 say the move by AFGE National President J. David Cox was politically motivated. follow links to read more...


In closing-

We all know that under ordinary circumstances just the information I have gathered would be enough to at least begin an FBI investigation. This info was not that difficult to locate, in the hands of the FBI there would be much more info uncovered and folks would be showing up in mug shots and orange jumpers! So, are these folks above the Law? I hope not.

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Comment by Suzie Nielsen on January 27, 2020 at 8:39am

My article was approved to post on OAN news facebook page!! Yahoo! 


Comment by Mangus Colorado on January 27, 2020 at 4:57am

Bad folks unite to hide guilt?


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