Where do "scientific" guidelines come from"?

Where do "scientific" guidelines come from?

by Susan Nielsen

Did you ever stop to wonder exactly where so-called "scientific" guidelines come from? I do have to admit that I blindly trusted the picture in my head of scientists in a sterile room all dressed in their white suits with masks and tables of beakers and microscopes...

Imagine my surprise as I onceagain followed a statement I heard in a video by a Dr. see below...

Where she basically stated that there is NO scientific study to demonstrate the actual stats for human distancing during a pandemic. Now, I am not sure how I would envision a social distancing study, I mean what would they do, line up people in a big square and separate by 6 ft and have the guy in the middle sneeze? I don't know, but I do like visuals but still want the truth!

I began in Google scholar, do you know about google scholar, it is fantastic for scientific and legal studies and info. I, of course, found articles...https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7188044/

But, what if I told you that 14 yrs ago last May, during the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Indianapolis, Laura Glass, a 15-year-old Albuquerque High sophomore, laid out her plan for slowing the spread of pandemics.

Her plan was simple, close the schools, keep kids home.

“It spreads like crazy once it gets in the teens in the schools,” Glass told Albuquerque Journal science reporter John Fleck, who was covering the event."

Logic and science (excerpt from www.abqjournal)

The refined research suggested that in the case of more intense infections, closures might have to extend beyond schools to workplaces and social situations.

Concerns about the economic and social upheavals caused by insisting people stay at home led to tough opposition.

But after rigorous review and development by more than one agency, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made social distancing – called Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions, or NPIs – official U.S. policy in February 2007.

“I was so happy,” Glass said. “I thought we had done an incredible job. We were trying to avoid policy that was based on who you knew. We wanted a policy that was based on logic and science.”

Now, implemented extensively for the first time, that policy is this country’s main weapon in the battle against the coronavirus scourge."

To read the entire article click here https://www.abqjournal.com/1450579/social-distancing-born-in-abq-te...


I just thought you would find it so assuring to know that all of the directions that we are supposed to blindly follow are based on "Scientific" research!

Dr. Kelly Victory - note- it is worth watching the entire video

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Comment by Patricia Gillenwater 15 hours ago

I have worn a muzzle (mask twice). I do not intentionally distance. I have always since a little girl known how to wash my hands. I was taught at a young age methods to cover a sneeze and cough.

The CDC guidelines constructed from political wet dreams as a tool of control which results in tyranny. 

$$'s and left politics are the drivers of the response.

Muzzle or not freedom of choice. 

Comment by Jerome on July 30, 2020 at 4:38pm

Many times too often, guidelines are set according to those oh, so theoretical things called "models".  You remember CDC and WHO trying to advise the world based on models.  The first thing to keep in mind is that in the scientific field of study, basically all models are flawed, all models change, all models can be manipulated to reflect what the researcher want them to reflect, in essence all models are always wrong in one way, shape or form.  The truth regarding Corona Virus, Flu, Covid-19 is not known, much like the common cold.  The research always seems to be inconclusive.


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