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Patricia Gillenwater replied to Suzie Nielsen's discussion The Steam Room
"Very good perception. All these folks bussed to march in for example The District on a Saturday when all the lawakers for the most part have left the city. The MSM will make hay none- the-less from the showing up. What does the right do? Take on the…"
4 hours ago
Suzie Nielsen posted a status
8 hours ago
John Velisek replied to Suzie Nielsen's discussion The Steam Room
"Todays March is a Nothingburger Today is the day of the “March For Our Lives," which has now transformed into al all-out anti-gun, anti-2nd amendment and anti-Trump movement.  Taking place in cities all across the country and funded…"
8 hours ago
luis✩USA replied to Suzie Nielsen's discussion The Steam Room
"You're already aware of many key sites. But when it comes to US policy and military activity abroad here's one you're probably not familiar with. Plus it's ZERO conspiracy.  Just facts. It's called The Founders…"
9 hours ago
LANYON replied to Suzie Nielsen's discussion The Steam Room
"How about this?............. I get to know what's happening around Europe......"
10 hours ago
luis✩USA replied to Suzie Nielsen's discussion The Steam Room
""Aljazeera", Suzie? Why not RT, or some other disinformation site? I hope that was an attempt at humor. I couldn't take anyone seriously that would use Al jazeera as a referrence point."
12 hours ago
Suzie Nielsen posted a status
"Yahoo! We are back!! Let's build one awesome website together!"
Suzie Nielsen posted a status
"Watch for address redirect to happen anytime within the next few hours..."
Patricia Gillenwater replied to Suzie Nielsen's discussion The Steam Room
"Absolutely no privacy for decades and it is only going to get worse. The only way you are safe at home is not only to turn everything off but wrap your home in a big faraday cage."
Norma J. Sears replied to Suzie Nielsen's discussion The Steam Room
"Yep, Am912.  We have no privacy on phones and smart tvs.  Can we trust our own homes with everything turned off?"
luis✩USA replied to Suzie Nielsen's discussion The Steam Room
"First, I appreciate the tweaks you made at the Discussions board. Thanks.  As for Disqus, I've used it going back to when Greta Van Susteran was at Fox where Disqus is its Sign On platform.  I've used it as a member of Fox Nation…"
American912 replied to Suzie Nielsen's discussion The Steam Room
"Put that question as a discussion Suzie."
American912 replied to Suzie Nielsen's discussion The Steam Room
"If You're Pissed About Facebook's Privacy Abuses, You Should Be Four Times As Angry At The Broadband…"
Suzie Nielsen posted a status
"I changed the layout for discussions- Please give this a thumbs up if you like it!"
luis✩USA replied to Suzie Nielsen's discussion The Steam Room
"If there were a "general" category, or, if the "All Disscussions" actually showed all the recent and or most active threads, it wpild be fast access. It's how the ning sites operate.  Or used to?  Anyways.…"
luis✩USA replied to Suzie Nielsen's discussion The Steam Room
"I have a question: I clicked on "All Discussions" because I wanted to see all the latest threads. It took me to "Consttutional".  I also noticed that my thread, POLITICS...ARGH!, is in the "Economics" category. So,…"

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StampPeeve and mass mail out events!


Welcome to my page! I am Suzie, The Stamp Peeve Lady! I am a 912er to the bone!
To the present Government, run by Big Money interests with no concern for the welfare of the American Citizens, I say, Return us to the level of Constitutional Values that our Founding Fathers fought so hard and long for- or feel the wrath of our Letters upon you!

Please support all mass mail efforts!

Thanks for dropping by,

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Please read The terms of Service prior to posting

Posted on February 27, 2018 at 8:00pm 4 Comments


Just a quick reminder of the terms of  posting in this editorial section...

I do apologize, but if your posting does not meet the requirements- It will be deleted.

Of course a few things have changed but these are the basic guidelines...

Thank You Very Much for helping this site maintain a certain level of respect and professionalism.…


Guns Don't Kill People- People Kill People

Posted on February 15, 2018 at 11:00am 13 Comments


Guns Don't Kill People- People Kill People

by Susan Nielsen

As a dark cloud full of the tears of Hundreds of Parents who have lost their Children hovers over America, no one can imagine their pain. All we can do is pray…


New 912CQ project-please read!

Posted on April 23, 2011 at 12:48pm 0 Comments

Hi members,


As we are all aware, we face some seemingly insurmountable odds when attempting to correct the wrongs of the current administration. The 912 Communiqué website has some valuable tools and resources available that could make easy work of this complex situation- if put to the proper use.

I believe the time has come to “step up to the plate” and to proceed in the next logical direction. A printable version of our information.  As we approach the coming…


Acceptance or Brainwashing?

Posted on April 20, 2011 at 7:31pm 7 Comments


Acceptance or Brainwashing?



Not being a political or psychological scholar, I am not certain of the correct word to use that would equate to plain old brainwashing. But isn’t that what it is all about? What other word would describe the fact that we as Americans have come to accept the unacceptable. When did it become commonplace for us to continue to listen to the opinions of known criminals? For example, shouldn’t people have turned away from the Nixon’s…


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At 5:55am on January 1, 2018, American912 said…

"Is this you?"

"Conservative Men"

No, I wish it were but I'm not on twitter.

Noticed the twitter account with my name more than a year a ago.

At 5:20pm on November 14, 2012, Susan Nielsen said…


It Looks Ok to me... I see all 9 - PS you deserve more!

Thanks for doing such a great job as Birthday Greeter!


At 2:51pm on March 7, 2011, Joseph P Cronin said…
Thanks Suzie , gotta run .
At 2:50pm on March 7, 2011, Joseph P Cronin said…
Thank you , gotta run .
At 4:27pm on March 6, 2011, pacontreras said…
You really are amazing.  Don't know if I have told you that lately.  Site looks GREAT!!!!
At 10:00am on February 14, 2011, John Tripp said…
Suzie, thanks for joining. You will be a valuable link between the CQ family who have not joined.  I hope to hear from you on the chat site on Thursday at 9 PM PST, to discuss priorities to focus on in our near future.  BTW - I tried to donate to the CQ fund last week, and the system would not let me through for some reason. I am still interested in fund raising ideas. Money is power - it's as simple as that. Money/power and a grassroots movement the size of the tea party/independents coalition could be a very influential group.  Last year proved what we are capable of without much coordination at all.  Think of the possibilities.
At 8:49pm on February 6, 2011, Dennis Bartlett said…

Hi Suzie, Thank you for your continued interest in our Assembly . We do have the best website in the Country and many are using it to get their own Assembly's started.

We have taken great pain in making sure that everything in it is 100% accurate and we have a Ret. Fed. Judge now a Professor teaching Constitutional Law in Arizona overseeing our effort.

We have been teaching for the last several meetings and with our next meeting we will be explaining which laws (current) that are unconstitutional and what we can do to negate them within the law.

We are not in competition with the local law but here to help and advise. And if necessary make our demands that any unlawful law not be enforced. As you know the Feds and the U.N. have hijacked our laws with permission of "Silent Assent" by our citizens. This will not be tolerated in our County.

Please go to our site and make use of it as you will. This is a very legal "Politic Body" and puts the citizens in charge with it being the "Fourth Branch of Government" and not to be taken lightly.

The power that is felt at the end of our meetings is close to electric. So far we have only gotten our members by word of mouth. Now we are advertising and writing letters to the editor and handing out fliers. Our Grange Hall is fast becoming small ! This is citizenry at it's best.

To get started read the History Time Line and most of what you think you know will seem very small. At least for me it did and I always thought I knew it !

The Tea Party and the 912 has been great for our Country but this is in it's own way better because of  it's legal standing. This is a group effort and any with ego's must leave them outside. There have been a few who want to incorporate other groups into the fold but until the setup is complete we will not include them. Best wishes, Dennis








At 2:41pm on December 21, 2010, civilman43 gave Suzie Nielsen a gift
Thank you for all you do for the cause of freedom.
At 3:20am on October 14, 2010, Dennis Bartlett said…
Suzie, One other thing , Russell Bolton is conducting the meetings and perhaps the most informed individual I've ever known. He worked "with" the Speaker of the House Jessie Helms for three years and knows the history and the Constitution inside out and the Bill of Rights like no other. He's also my best friend and I'm constantly amazed by him and his home taught children.
At 3:13am on October 14, 2010, Dennis Bartlett said…
Hi Suzie, I haven't forgotten you . We have been taping our meetings and would be well to watch the video's of our meetings for the Assembly. With that I will send to you all information and if you wish I can also give you a contact that has folks in all states. The information is mind boggling with how, why and what can be accomplished. There are several people in several states we'll be sending this info to and if you wish I will put you on the list. I believe you will wonder why this hasn't happened sooner but we for the most part have been going along doing our own thing and we have never been in desperate times like what we are facing now. Please let me know and within the next couple of weeks we'll be ready for shipping at no cost. Best Regards, Dennis

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