Send A Letter To Your Local Editor

Speak out LOCALLY on political and world headlines of concern to you and your family by sending a letter to the Editor of a widely syndicated newspaper near you.

Share this information to your friends and family.  Share it on your Facebook page and throughout Twitter.  What better way to get people engaged and send a political rally cry locally than to send letters to the Editor.

Select the city nearest you from the drop down below.  Note: If your newspaper only accepts email submissions, Microsoft Outlook will automatically launch to send your email. If you wish to use another email provider, simply right-click on the email link to copy/paste it into your email window.

Don't see your state? Contact us with your location information and we will do our best to find a solution just for you.

  • Keep it short and concise. Many publications do not use letters over 150 words.
  • Share a personal story to show why this is concern affects you, your family or workplace.
  • Always include your name, phone number, and street address. Many newspapers will not allow publication from anonymous senders. Check with your local paper's website for details on their policy.


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