Mike Adams explains the coming "Systemic Collapse" in the financial markets.

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Comment by Kos on July 9, 2015 at 7:25am

100 years ago, you saved up to purchase a home or took over your parents home - all with no mortgage.  Then came mortgage expansion and home ownership grew by leaps and bounds.  My parents had a charge "plate" for emergencies only.  All food purchases were made with cash and weekly payments were made to Woolworth for household purchases.  If my Father were alive today to see the enormous use of credit - he would die again - never believing that we'd gotten to this point but again but I believe it will continue much longer than we realize. 

Now we live almost paperless.  Who needs a purse using debit and credit cards rather than cash.  Furniture ads now display 10 year financing.  10 years for a couch?  smh.   Even the purchase of an auto is equal to purchasing some homes right now.  I see car leasing expanding greatly as Americans need a ride but cannot afford as much on their new, lower income.  Mortgages will expand to 40 years "make the purchase of your lifetime with us" and yes, it will continue.  Additional flash crashes?  Sure, could happen and Mr. Market will bid it right back up - because where else are you going to place your 401k?  Crashes due to technical problems - are fleeting and do not alter the longer term money flow for growth.

Will something horrible happen at some point and markets collapse?  Shut down completely?  We'll have to see.  People have been calling for this for six years.  At some point, someone may be correct but will it be during my lifetime?   I seriously doubt it.  Corrections, yes.  Collapse?  No.  You'd have to have another area for money flow (other than bonds).

Is Mr. Adams short, or out of the market completely?  Where's his personal wealth invested?  Maybe he's just building up shorts out there - which the market will use as fuel at some point to run us higher.  Even ZeroHedge has been long the market, even as they roil against it's rise each day.  Proof positive fighting Central Bankers doesn't earn you a dime and they can last longer than you or I can.

fwiw I've been looking for a good correction in 2015 but collapse of financial markets?  Not by a long shot.

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